11 Tips to Speed-up Symbian S60v2 Phones

Have you noticed that your Symbian phone became slower with time. This may be due to many reasons like multiple applications running in the background, piling-up of junk files overtime, using memory card with high capacities and stuffing it completely etc. Here are some really useful tips to solve speed and memory problems of your phone (S60v2). You must have X-plore or any other such application installed on your phone first.

1. Neatly organize your files and folders (both on phone and on memory card), Don’t make too many folders and don’t scatter files. For example place all similar files in a single folder, like all songs and sound files in a single folder “Sounds”, all photos in “Images” and so on.

2. Try to place all your data on memory card and keep your phone memory free.

3. Run X-plore and go to C:/System/Data (in Series 60v2 phones like Nokia N70, N72 only), find and delete the file named “music.db”. This is a temporary file of Music Player which grows in size overtime. Now go to E:/System/Apps/muvee, delete the whole “muvee” folder. Now go to E:/System/Apps/Fexplorer, find and delete “FEgen.ini”.

4. Go to E:/Images (or wherever else you have placed your images), find a folder named “PalbTN”. Delete this folder once in a while, say for example, once every 15-20 days (it will be automatically created whenever you open and see images in Gallery), do the same in E:/Videos.

5. Go to the E:(Root directory), find and delete all the files with extensions .exe, .cmd, or .inf, these are computer-leftover files created when you connect memory card to PC. Even some viruses make copies of themselves (With extension .exe) in each and every folder of memory card having the same name of the folder in which they are present (For example a file named “Images.exe” in the folder “Images” is surely a virus (worm or trojan) and should alarm you that the computer with which you connected the memory card is infected with a virus. Delete all such files so that infection could not spread further. Interestingly, most of these files which are deadly to computer are harmless to mobiles.

6. Clear your call Log once every 15-20 days.

7. Use a memory card with somewhat lower memory than the maximum supported limit of the phone. For example if your phone supports Upto 2 GB Memory then don’t use a 2 GB memory card, it will slow down the phone considerably. Instead, for optimum performance, use 1 GB memory card. Also don’t fill the card completely and leave at least 100 MB memory free.

8. Don’t use animated themes as far as possible because these consume a lot of RAM (Which is already scarce on phone) and cause the phone to become slower and even hang frequently specially when multi-tasking.

9. Don’t use the END Call Key (RED Button) or Right Soft Key to exit any application. This way the application usually continue to run in background. Instead use “Options-> Exit” way.

10. Press and hold the Menu Key to see which applications are running in the background, Leaving “Telephone”, close all others by highlighting and pressing “C” key.

11. Just like your computer’s Hard Disk Drive, Defrag your memory card through PC once every 2-3 months.

By following the above measures, i am sure you will see a lot of improvement in the performance of your Symbian phone.
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