Protect your Online Identity and Privacy by TorGuard’s Anonymous VPN Service

With the rapidly increasing usage of internet in every aspect of day to day life, our activities are constantly under a virtual “online surveillance”. Be it the law agencies or the evil people of internet (hackers) we are “being watched” stealthily. So our online identities are constantly under threat of spammers, hackers, government agencies or even ISPs. Besides monitoring of online activities many unnecessary restrictions are also imposed (like blocking specific site(s) in a country or territory) by ISPs on internet users which is against the original idea and motto of internet “everything for everyone anywhere” and “open and free across the globe”.

So what to do to shatter these virtual walls of internet without losing your identity and privacy? There are some solutions out there to help you in this matter but I can’t discuss all of them. In my opinion the best one is anonymous privacy protection services like anonymous virtual private network service by TorGuard by which you can make your entire internet connection anonymous.

TorGuard Anonymous VPN Service

TorGuard Anonymous VPN Service

Salient features of TorGuard Anonymous VPN Service
Hide your IP address (your true online identity) by changing it with the one provided by Anonymous VPN Service. It is as if you are surfing from another country (you can choose any country IP including USA, UK, Canada, Russia, NZ etc).

Bypass censorship – Unblock sites (blocked in your country, region, school, institution or company) like facebook, Orkut, YouTube etc and access any site not available in a specific region like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora etc.

Anonymously surf the web to protect your data and identity by hackers and spammers
Besides Anonymous VPN Service, TorGuard’s other online privacy protection services are Anonymous Torrent Proxy, Android VPN Service, Torrent VPN Service and Anonymous Email

Checkout TorGuard’s website now to get all these benefits and more at a reasonable price.

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