30+ Popular and Must-Have Apps for Symbian^3/Belle Phones (Nokia 808, 701, 603, N8, C7 etc)

Three years back, I wrote a similar post enlisting must-have apps for Symbian S60v2 phones. However smartphone and apps scenario has changed drastically since then; very few Symbian apps have stood to the challenges of time and still deserve to be categorized as “must-have”. Most others have either lost to competition or disappeared completely (abandoned by developers). Here I have compiled a list of 30+ must-have Symbian apps of 2011 – especially for Symbian^3 (Anna, Belle) phones. These apps relate to many different categories including Mobile browsers, Social networking, entertainment, utilities, system tools etc. Note that the apps have been arranged randomly in the list and numbering does not indicate any order of importance –

1. Opera Mini and Opera Mobile – Indispensable is the word for these two apps – hats off to Opera for making such wonderful mobile browsers. In contrast to Android phones which have plenty of excellent web browsers, Symbian users have only these two siblings that can be called as top-notch; must-have for every Symbian user. Download free from m.opera.com

2. fMobi – Facebook is an addiction now and one need to have a capable client to enjoy it fully on mobile. Thanks to its developers fMobi is the best facebook app you can get for your Symbian phone. Beautiful UI, plethora of options, nothing comes close to fMobi – the celebrated Android FB clients feel ugly and unusable against it. Symbian users may feel proud that fMobi is available for Symbian only (as of now!). Search and download from Nokia (Ovi) Store or from 4shared.com

3. MSDict viewer and dictionaries – MSDict viewer (and related dictionaries) is an app that I think every Symbian user requires in his/her day to day life. There are many different dictionaries available for the app – Oxford Medical, Oxford English, Collin’s English, Oxford Business etc. Download from here.

4. JoikuSpot – I just love this app! It turns my N8 into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Thus I can use phone’s GPRS/3G connection to surf internet on other WLAN enabled devices – like laptop, desktop or even mobiles. Joikuspot makes it damn easy – just launch the app, confirm the prompt and wait for Joikuspot to create a data connection. Now switch on the Wi-Fi in other device. A new connection (with the name “xxx-Joikuspot-xxx” or something like that) will be shown in available network connection list, connect to it and start surfing. No complex settings or configurations required! Search and download from Nokia Store or 4shared.com

5. Screen Snap – It’s a small app to take photos of phone’s screen (screenshots). Very handy to take snaps for my tutorial posts. Download free from here.

6. Camera Pro – Extend the capabilities of your phone’s camera with this powerful app. Camera Pro provides many advanced options that the default camera app lacks like – settings to get high quality pictures, continuous autofocus option during video recording, HD video recording at 30fps option, video and audio codec (3gp, MP4, AMR, MP3) and bit-rate control options etc. Download from here or 4shared.com

7. eReader Pro – One of the best (and very few left) native-eBook reader app for Symbian. Read more about it and 12 other Symbian ebook readers in this post.

8. MGuard – A very useful app providing many System tools to keep your phone fast and secure plus junk and malware free. Download free from www.netqin.com/en

9. TTPod – One of the very few good audio players left for Symbian that are still getting continuously updated. Originally a Chinese app, TTPod is also made available in English (thanks to translators). It is a powerful (and beautiful) audio player having plenty of options and customizations. Search and download at n8fanclub.com or 4shared.com

10. Smart Office (Picselsoft) – If you are a pro/student then this app is for you. After using it, I promise you will not use the inbuilt QuickOffice app. Smart Office is more powerful, faster, and easier to use app having much more options than any other app in its class (it even has a PDF reader function!). Search and download from 4shared or N8Fanclub

11. Internet Radio – A very good and my favorite internet radio app to listen thousands of online FM radio channels. Available free at the Nokia (Ovi) Store

12. YouTube – The official YouTube app for Symbian – watch millions of videos without opening any web browser. Free download from m.google.com

13. YouTube Downloader – A very useful app to download any YouTube video directly in your phone without needing any browser. There is a search option in the app to find videos on YouTube besides you can also enter video URL directly to download it. You can also choose the format (3gp, MP4) and quality (resolution) of video before downloading it. Available free at the Nokia Store.

14. Xplore – A very good file manager app for Symbian providing many powerful options. Download from lonelycatgames.com

15. FExplorer Pro – It has evolved into a very useful app containing many system tools – File manager, Task (and process) manager, memory optimizer etc. Download from N8Fanclub or 4shared.com

16. Active file – Another powerful Symbian file manager (development discontinued now). The manufacturer capability version of Active File provide many options to power users like read/write access to sys/private folders, task/process manager, fake message creator, phone restart option, screen capture option, Phone and network info option etc. Download from 4shared

17. SymTorrent – Perhaps the best (and popular) torrent client app for Symbian. It has a powerful torrent download manager and many other options. Download from symtorrent.aut.bme.hu or 4shared.com

18. Dorian – It is another very good free eBook reader app for Symbian and Maemo phones. Dorian supports epub format ebooks (millions of epub titles are available free at various sites).
read here to get it

19. ROM Patcher+ – It is basically a hacking app that patches some system files to remove certain restrictions of Symbian OS. Two most important hacks that ROM Patcher make possible are – Open4all patch (that gives full system access via any third party file manager) and installserver patch (to remove certificate check restriction enabling installation of unsigned apps). Read more here to know how to use ROM Patcher to hack the phone

20. Alternate Reader – A very good free PDF and DJVU reader for Symbian. read here to get it

21. Photo Browser – an innovative photo browser app having beautiful UI and navigation. Download free from N8fanclub or Nokia Store

22. Free Signer – It is a free mobile-signer app to sign unsigned sis/sisx files with an IMEI specific certificate and key. Download free from 4shared.com or N8Fanclub

23. Font Zoomer – FontZoomer is a useful and easy to use app to change phone’s font or modify font size (without any risk of corrupt/bricked phone). Download from N8fanclub or the Nokia Store

24. Smart Gallery – It is a powerful encryption app to hide phone’s gallery content (images, sounds, videos). Search and download from N8fnaclub. Besides there are many similar free hider (SMS, Gallery, apps or phone) apps at the Nokia (Ovi) Store.

25. Skype – Skype needs no introduction – you can make free phone-to-phone or phone-to-computer voice calls using Skype. Download free from Nokia (Ovi) Store

26. Snaptu – Snaptu is an amazing multi-functional app having many widgets (web apps). You can access your facebook and twitter account via Snaptu, get weather info, read your favorite blog’s (Engadget, TechCrunch, Gigaom etc), access dictionaries etc etc. (unfortunately Snaptu is not available now at the official site as Facebook has discontinued its development after acquiring it earlier this year).

27. Nimbuzz – Access all your IM accounts (GTalk, Yahoo, facebook etc) via this amazing app. Chat with your friends using multiple IM accounts at the same time. Available free at the Nokia (Ovi) Store

28. Fring – Fring is another very good IM client for Symbian. Besides text and voice chat you can also make video calls using Fring. Available free at the Nokia (Ovi) Store

29. WinRAR – Symbian version of popular desktop rar archiver software. Symbian phones only recognize and extract zip archives (using the in-built “Zip Manager”). However you can open and extract .rar archive files using this WinRAR app. Download from N8fanclub or 4shared.com
Note however that rar files can also be opened and extracted by X-plore

30. Advanced Device Locks PRO – A very powerful security app to protect your phone’s content. With ADL you can lock (password protect) any app in the phone, or the phone itself. Besides you can also activate remote data wipe option in case of theft (SIM change). Download from N8fanclub or 4shared

31. Voyager Home Screen (vHome) – It is a powerful customization app to change UI of Symbian phones. There are hundreds of options to choose from; a little tweaking here and there will transform your phone’s UI into iOS, Android or Windows Phone. Available free at the Nokia (Ovi) Store

32. Games – Some popular Symbian^3 (Anna, Belle) games of 2011 include Angry Birds, Asphalt6 HD, NFS Shift HD, Spiderman, WarChess 3D, Chess Genius, Lets Golf 2 HD, Dungeon Hunter2 HD, CricketT20 Fever, EA Tetris HD, Shrek Carting HD, GT Racing, Avatar, Fruit Ninja, Assassins Creed, Sparkle etc.
You can download all of them and more from n8fanclub.com (free file sharing download links) or 4shared.com

You may also refer to Mobile Apps category for more useful apps….

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    An essential app for any passionate Symbian user would be this:
    “What’s inside your phone?”
    which enables the user to scratch through the phone and reveal the secret internals without having to tear down the phone for real. The app is available in Nokia Store:
    works on Symbian^1, Symbian^3, Symbian Anna and Belle

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