6 Websites to create mobile themes online

In a previous post, I have described ownskin as the best site to create mobile themes online. Like Ownskin, following are some other sites that also offer the functionality of making mobile themes online (plus there are millions of free downloadable themes at these sites):

1. Zedge – [Update – unfortunately Zedge has shutdown its theme-maker and other tools, so now you can only download stuff uploaded by its members]

2. Astod [Update – its no longer online!] – Another excellent site (not as good as Ownskin and Zedge though). Offers “Nokia Theme Maker” (Only for S40 3rd Ed. and S60 2nd and 3rd Ed. phones) that also makes animated themes. Another interesting service at Astod is “Nokia Theme Changer” – changes Nokia themes automatically according to battery and time of your mobile. Besides, you can also make animated wallpapers with any picture.

3. The Unlocker (better known for its free mobiles unlocking tools) – Provides an online Nokia theme creator (For S60 3rd Ed. and S40 3rd Ed. phones only). There is also a ringtone creator.

4. Bwap – It offers a basic Theme creator for Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Siemens and Windows Mobile phones. There is also an “Online Video Convertor”, “YouTube Mobile video Search”, “Free Mobile Wap Radio” and “Mobile TV”.

5. Goggagmobile [Update – its no longer available!] – It also provides an online “theme creator” tool (Only for S40, S60 2nd ed. and SonyEricsson phones) with limited options and still in beta. There is also a “Wallpaper Maker” option.

Note however that themes for Symbian S60 5th ed. touch screen phones can only be created at Ownskin and Zedge. Anyway try all the above and share your experiences here.

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