15 eBook Reader Apps for Symbian^3/Belle (Nokia 808, N8, C7) and S60v5 Phones

In an older post (written almost three years ago), I described Mobipocket reader as the best e-book reader app for older Symbian S60 phones. However since Amazon acquired MobiPocket, it stopped the further development of its reader app (no new version for more than three years, only available for upto S60 3rd ed). It was a sad development as the world (and Symbian) entered into the touchscreen era. I bought Nokia N8 recently, only to find that all my old Mobipocket e-books are useless now. Anyway, after much research I have compiled a list of 15 eBook reader apps available for Symbian^3 and S60 5th ed. touch screen phones (especially for my loving Nokia 808) –

1. ZX Reader – ZXReader is a very good free mobile e-Book reader app from Russian developers. It is basically compatible upto S60 5th Ed. but works perfectly fine on Symbian^3 (Nokia N8, C7) phones as well. There are all the functions in this app that are expected in a good e-book reader – you can configure them all including fonts, line spacing, background, margins, brightness etc. One useful and unique feature of ZX Reader is that it can find and open books from all folders of the phone. Phone’s physical buttons (Volume +/-) can also be used to turn book’s pages. ZX Reader currently supports FB2, RTF, text and even zip files (containing supported formats content).
There is a bug in ZX Reader though – when using in Symbian^3 phones – DO NOT select “Toggle Infobar” – if the “Toggle infobar” option is selected by tapping on it, you will no longer have access to the app “Menu” (settings, library or exit options). And the only way to recover the “infobar” will be – by restoring the settings – first close ZXReader by Task Manager, now delete the file “Profilex.xxxx” in “E:/Data/ZXReader2/Config” via any file manager (where xxx are numbers and E is the drive where you have installed ZX Reader). All setting will be restored to default including the infobar at its usual place.
Download ZX Reader (and fonts etc) from here (in Russian, so translate with Google translate in your own language). Both Signed and un-signed versions are available at the Russian site.

2. eReader Pro – Another very good free mobile e-book reader app with a polished professional UI and an amazing feature set. Acquired by Barnes & Noble some time back, eReader is available for many mobile platforms including Android, iOS and Symbian (upto S60 5th ed but it runs fine on Symbian^3 as well). One bug in the current version though – the default “Maynard” font of eReader is not recognized by most Symbian^3 firmwares so the “boxes” appear in place of fonts when you open any book in eReader. However it is easy to get it right – go to “Options/Text Settings/Font” and change the default font to any Nokia font, select OK and then Options/OK to save the change and done. Now you should be able to read them all.
eReader currently supports eReader and PalmDoc format ebooks (DRM protected ebooks available from B&N online store or DRM free from many sources online). You will have to place (copy) your ebook files into “X:/Data/Others” folder (where X is the drive where eReader was installed which may be C, E or F).
Download eReader from here or here (via mobiles browser according to your device).

3. Dorian – Dorian is basically a free Maemo Garage app (and thus primarily Maemo centric) but thanks to its developers who also made a Symbian^3 version as well (Tested successfully in Nokia N8 and C6-01). Dorian is a free e-Book reader currently supporting EPUB format eBooks. Key features of Dorian include – easy navigation with touch or volume buttons, easy import of stored books plus the option of searching and downloading books from internet, bookmarks with notes etc.
For more details and download go to the official site.

4. Foliant Reader – Foliant Reader is a mobile Java app (from Russian developers) available free for all java supporting phones. It works perfectly well in Symbian^3 phones as well. Foliant makes a great ebook reader for all java supporting phones (considering its small size and J2ME format restrictions). Foliant Readers UI and features are impressive and it looks just like a native sis app running in Symbian touch screen phones. Another good thing about Foliant is that it is constantly being updated.
Currently Foliant Reader supports (DRM-free) ebooks in FB2, text and zip format (containing supported format content).
Besides Symbian, Foliant is also available for Android now. Download Foliant from Here or Here (Both sites are in Russian language so translate with Google Translate).

5. iSilo Document Reader – iSilo is a mobile document (ebook) reader (paid app), specially popular among professionals (medicos) worldwide. iSilo is available for all major mobile platforms (Windows Mobile, Windows CE, Pocket PC, Windows Phone, iOS, Web OS, Blackberry, Android, Symbian (All editions and versions), Palm and even desktop Windows and Mac OS X) – in fact on more platforms than any other reader.
There is no Symbian^3 specific version of iSilo yet but the 5th ed version works perfectly well in Nokia N8 and C7 also. iSilo currently supports Palm Doc (pdb files) format, txt format and iSilo specific proprietary document format eBooks.
Download iSilo from here – the official app is a one month trial version but you can easily find a cracked one by searching Google. There is a huge collection of free supported eBooks at Memoware for download.


FB Reader

6. QReader – QReader is another free eBook reader app for Symbian, originally developed for S60 3rd ed., but works well in 5th ed. and Symbian^3 phones (Nokia N8) also. I have not personally tested QReader but it is claimed to support .txt, Palm DOC (.prc and .pdb), TCR, FB2 and UMD format ebook files. Other features include screen rotation (90, 180 and 270 degrees), TTF scalable fonts support, auto-scrolling, search, adjustable colors, adjustable document locations, Bluetooth/IR/E-mail send option for text files etc.
Download from here or here.

7. Wattpad Mobile app – Wattpad also provides a free eBook reader app for all the popular mobile platforms including Symbian. In their own words – “Wattpad is the world’s most popular ebook app. Available for every major mobile device, the Wattpad app is downloaded over 1 million times a month. Wattpad is the number one eBook app in BlackBerry’s App World and one of the all-time top apps in the Apple App Store. Readers can create their own libraries and connect with other readers and authors from their phone.”
The major difference between Wattpad and other eBook reader apps being that Wattpad is “social and interactive” i.e. in addition of being a platform for reading, Wattpad is a viral community where readers connect with authors, share stories they like with other readers and friends on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr etc. There are thousands of books available at the official wattpad site to download and read. You can either read books online or download them for offline reading. Symbian version of wattpad is a small J2ME (jar format) app but runs fine on Nokia N8.
Go to m.wattpad.com via your phones browser or from here (available for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia (Symbian) and Windows Phone 7).

8. mBooks eBook reader app – This is a new eBook reader app available for Nokia N8 and C7 (Symbian^3 phones) via Ovi Store at a reasonable price (around $1.69). Currently mBooks reader supports EPUB ebook format only (stored in phone and online). There is an online book store (at the official mBook site) that has a decent collection of ebooks on many topics. mBook app is being updated frequently with new features added in every new version.
Download mBooks app from Nokia Ovi Store
Updates and online book-store at www.mbooks.me

9. Mobebooks – Mobebooks is another kind of “eBook reader app” for Symbian (including 3rd, 5th and Symbian^3) phones. This app is a bit different from others in its league – every Mobebook is a separate download and install (which is ridiculous and annoying). And there are not many of them available either. Anyway, Mobebooks is still worth a try (available at the Nokia Ovi Store)……

10. Albite Reader – Albite Reader is another very good free mobile e-book reader app supporting free EPUB, txt and (x)html format books. It is a J2ME app (MIDlet) thus compatible with many different types of mobiles including Symbian^3. There are several versions of Albite Reader available, according to various devices (like Albite Reader HD for Symbian^3 phones etc). Despite being a small MIDlet app (jar format), Albite reader works perfectly fine, in fact very well in my Nokia N8. Besides e-book reader app there is a large collection of free, downloadable, EPUB e-books (on all popular subjects and genres) available at the official site (Albite Books). You can download Albite Reader from here.

11. FBReader – The last but not the least important, FB Reader is also a free eBook reader app (primarily popular among Android users) which supports DRM free ePub and FB2 format ebooks. A beta version of FB Reader for Symbian and MeeGo-Harmattan (N9) is available at the official site. A list of websites having compatible books is also given at the site.

12. Ionic reader – Iconic reader is a relatively new entry into the e-book reader arena. It is a very good ePub reader for Symbian^3. Please refer to this detailed post to know more about Ionic E-Book Reader.

13. Bubue Books Reader– Originally developed in Chinese, it’s a relatively new entry in the Symbian e-book reader scene. Bubue books reader supports ePub (DRM-free), txt and umd e-book formats. Interface is simple with just a big “+” button at the home screen (to add books to the shelf). Swipe (left/right) gesture is supported to to browse through pages. Book opening and page-turning effects are quite similar to the physical paper books. Overall a simple, light-weight (<300Kb), “no-frill” e-book reader (with a funny name!). You can download Bubue books reader from Nokia Ovi Store or m.bubue.com (Chinese). Available for Symbian S60v3, S60v5 and S^3/Belle phones.

14. eBook Reader – a new Qt based eBook reader app having smooth UI and powerful features – supports FB2, FB2 (ZIP) and EPUB (DRM free) ebooks, full touch support, bookmarks/annotations, full screen mode, portrait/landscape mode, dark or daylight mode etc. Download from Nokia Store or here.

15. Tramontana Reader – it’s a basic EPUB reader for Symbian which needs further polishing and development (buggy and lackluster performance) but still worth a try. It supports free non-DRM protected files. Download from Nokia Store or here.

Update – I have managed to get the good old Mobipocket Reader (almost) working in Symbian Belle, you can get it from here.

Hope you find this post useful…

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