How to access 30fps video recording (and other video) settings in Camera Pro?

Camera Pro is a wonderful Symbian^3 (primarily for N8) application to harness the full potential of Nokia N8’s amazing camera hardware. Native camera software of Symbian^3 phones is a very basic one with a limited feature set. Camera Pro lifts these limits and even adds hundreds of extra options that are usually found in a good contemporary digital camera. One of the crucial extra options that you can get via Camera Pro is (or was until the current camera update for N8 became available) – HD (720p) video recording at 30 fps.
Yesterday one reader mailed me asking that he was unable to find the 30fps video recording option in Camera Pro. So I thought I would share the solution via this post. Video settings are a bit tricky to find in Camera Pro as when you select “settings” from main interface – it opens the “General Settings” options (showing still image settings only). So here is how you can access all the video settings –

1. Select “Video/Still picture” option from the main interface
2. From the popup options touch/select the small settings icon adjacent to “Video”
3. There you are! With all the Video Settings including “Video type” (fps and resolution), Expert mode, Video stabilization, Frame rate, Video bit rate, Audio bit rate etc etc

Camera Pro video settings

Camera Pro video settings

You can download Camera Pro from Ovi Store or from here (free, full version).

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