Alternate Reader – A free Pdf/Djvu Reader App for Symbian S60 3rd/5th ed Phones

With lots of PDF ebooks available a Pdf reader app is a necessity both in PC and mobile. There are numerous free Pdf readers for Windows and other desktop OSes. Unfortunately however there are very few Pdf viewers available for mobiles and those available carry a nice price tag. Even the mobile version of free-for-PC Adobe Acrobat reader is available for a price – not fair. Pdf plus, another Pdf reader that I described in a previous post is not free as well. Considering all this I searched a good but free Pdf viewer for my Symbian mobile and finally found one, thanks to open source guys. It is called “Alternate Reader” and it is currently available for Symbian phones (version 9.1, 9.2, 9.3 and 9.4) only. Alternate reader is a DjVu and Pdf reader app (DjVu is also a popular document format just like Pdf).

Being free does not mean that it is a piece of crap rather it performs its intended functions really well. Most of the usual functions are available (Zoom, Search, Full screen mode, Scroll volume keys, Multithreading, Fit Actual Size etc) while reading DjVu and Pdf files. Try yourself and compare with Adobe Reader LE and Pdf+

Download free “Alternate reader” from official sourceforge page.

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