Android v5.0 Lollipop update roundup – When and which phones are getting Lollipop update?

Every year it happens, the moment Google announces a major Android release, mobility world gets engaged in update-rollout discussions for various phones. This year is not an exception either, last month Google announced major bump in Android version (v5.0 Lollipop) and the community is abuzz with update schedules and rumors since then. All major phone makers are also in a hurry to hint their Lollipop update roll-out plans for their current line-up of Android devices.

Samsung – Samsung has hinted a speedy upgrade to its current line of high-end phones but no official plans have been declared as of now. As expected Galaxy Note 4 will get the Lollipop treatment first followed by Galaxy S5, Note Edge, Note 3, Galaxy Alpha, S4, Note 2 etc in that order. No official words though but you can expect the Lollipop update to hit Note 4 and GS5 in December as a holiday gift. An official picture of Note 4 along with many Lollipops is indicating towards an early roll-out for Sammy’s current flagship phablet.

Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop Teaser

Galaxy Note 4 Lollipop Teaser

Sony – Sony has officially declared that all Xperia Z series of droids will get the Lollipop update but no words on the exact timing. However you can expect it to start with Xperia Z3 from early next year (January 2015)

HTC – HTC has not officially declared the Lollipop rollout plan for its Android phones but if they stick to their 90-days update schedule, we can expect it to happen early next year. All HTC One, Butterfly and Desire series of high-end phones will get the update starting from HTC One M8. (HTC will All HTC flagships from last two years will get Lollipop starting with HTC One M8 early next year

Motorola – Despite sold by Google to Lenovo, Motorola still has an advantage when it comes to timely updates. So all current Moto droids will be getting Lollipop update earlier than phones from other companies (but after Nexus series). Moto X/G/E, Droid Turbo/Maxx/Mini/Ultra will all be getting it starting next month.

LG – LG is notorious when it comes to software updates but this time they have hinted a promising “coming soon to your smartphone” via a facebook picture. Other than this no official words from LG have come out so far. Naturally current LG flagship G3 will get the update first – perhaps in December 2014. LG G2, G Pro2, G Flex, G Pro will follow the suit. However older phones like Optimus G and other Optimus series of phones will not be getting the candy treatment (most probably considering LG’s track record).

LG G3 Lollipop Update Teaser

LG G3 Lollipop Update Teaser

Besides it is confirmed that all Android One phones (irrespective of the manufacturer) are going to get Lollipop sooner (December 2014) or later (early next year). So the story goes like this – Lollipop will debut with Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 in early November – older Nexus series of devices (Nexus 4/5/7/10) will get it from mid-November – Motorola Moto series of phones (Moto X, Moto G 1st and 2nd gen. and Moto E), Developer edition and Google Play Edition of devices will also get Lollipop update starting from late November 2014 – rest of the droid clan will follow the suit over the next nine months. Naturally unlocked/international variants will get the update earlier than their carrier-bound counterparts. As for other Android phone makers nothing is clear right now but we will keep you updated as more info pour in.

The Big question, will I get Android Lollipop update for my phone? – Well the answer is simple! If you have a mid-range phone released in or after 2013 or a high-end phone not older than late-2012 (from above phone makers) then the answer is yes. But don’t expect official Lollipop update for your phone if it is more than two years old (say for example devices released prior to 2012 like Galaxy S2 have no chance of getting the candy treatment). However you can still get the taste of latest Android software by flashing a custom ROM based on the latest build. Thanks to the great Android developer community which has cooked firmwares for almost every single Android phone out there. Cyanogen Mod is one such great place to find custom ROMs for any Android smartphone.

Now the second important question, when will I get the Lollipop update? Well again the answer is simple it may take anywhere from one week to 9 months depending upon the phone model, country and manufacturer. For example Nexus 5 will get Lollipop update within next few weeks while Galaxy Grand 2 may not get it before April-May 2015.

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