(How to) Call any American phone number free from anywhere in the world

Best free Android apps to make free calls to any US phone number
We all know about Skype and similar other apps which allow users to make voice and video calls over internet to any part of the world, however this free word applies only when the call is app-to-app i.e. both the caller and the receiver must have the app installed in their device (mobile or desktop). Unfortunately, to call cellular or base phone numbers one has to pay money to Skype or other such apps. What if I say that now you can call any US number from anywhere in the world using your WiFi/3G/4G data enabled phone absolutely free! Yes it is very much possible with the help of following two free mobile apps plus you will have your own American number to receive calls on –

MagicApp – MagicApp is a simple to use Android app (download free from Google Play) – to get started Magic App requires you to sign up for an account via a valid email address. When your email is verified, a random number will be generated for you as your personal phone number (no choice here) and you can start making calls to any US phone number from within the app. However you must call a number first to receive call from that number so it is recommended that you call your important contacts right away after installing Magic app. Magic app has a beautiful, modern interface consisting of a regular phone-like dialer with some tabs over the top (Recent, Contacts, Account, Keypad and Voicemail). Thus its very easy to use and all the functions are self-explanatory. When Magic app is running in the background, an app icon remains visible under notifications reminding you that now you can receive calls to your Magic app number too. One catch though – to know your own Magic app phone number you will have to call someone nearby to see your number in his/her phone.


Talkatone Interface

Talkatone – Talkatone is another very good app for calling US phone numbers without spending a dime. Talkatone essentially does what MagicApp do plus it has some extra features which makes it even more useful. Download Talkatone from Google Play and install in your phone. After email verification, Talkatone offers you to choose your number (depending upon the area code and availability) and once it is selected you are good to go. Talkatone looks and works just like MagicApp, however it does not have the two major limitations of MagicApp for example

Unlike MagicApp you can send and receive text messages using Talkatone to and from any US phone number

You can receive calls from any US number at your Talkatone number without needing you to call them first

So now you know how to call US phone numbers free of cost. Besides being extremely useful for peoples outside US who want to stay connected with their loved ones residing in the states, these apps are also great tools for US mobile users to cut down their obscenely high carrier charges. And one last thing – now anyone outside US can boast of owning a real American phone number thanks to these apps!

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  1. Talkatone August 3, 2014 at 10:25 PM #

    Only your first 20 minutes per month are free with Talkatone. Additional calls are about $1 per month per 60 minutes. So, it’s good for occasional use. You get what you pay for, quality and reliability not as good as mobile or VOIP phone, but works for text and voice from your wifi and cellular data connection, most of the time. You must use it about once a month to keep your assigned phone number active. iOS and Android apps available.

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