7 Best Custom Firmwares/ROMs for Nokia 808 PureView (to hack the phone and to get many extra functions)

Best Belle FP2 Custom Firmwares for Nokia 808 PureView

Nokia 808 PureView is perhaps the only relevant Symbian phone now. It is officially the last (and greatest of all) Symbian device from Nokia. OS aside Nokia 808 still has the best camera module and image processing capabilities. The closest competitor, Lumia 1020 with almost identical optics, does not match its performance either. In this age of short-life-span smartphones where even the flagships have an average relevancy of about 6 months, Nokia 808 is still miles ahead of competition. Despite being announced in early 2012 Nokia 808 is still going strong in terms of camera quality so much so that it is used as a benchmark in high-end cameraphone comparisons.


Nokia 808 PureView

The current firmware of Nokia 808 is Belle FP2 v113.010.1508 (which may well become the last one considering the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft recently). As always there are many restrictions and limitations associated with the official firmware – you can’t install unsigned apps and can’t access system files and folders. Moreover without hacking the official firmware you can’t use various mods and patches which greatly enhance the functionality of phone. Unfortunately no working hack is available for Belle FP2 currently so the only hacking method remains – flashing the phone with a custom firmware (which are pre-hacked). Custom firmwares are like custom Android ROMs with some changes done in software files. Thanks to independent developers (mostly at dailymobile forum), some excellent custom firmwares (CFW) are available for Nokia 808PV. With loads of useful built-in mods/hacks and extra features, these custom firmwares will transform your phone into a geeky-gadget. Here goes the list –

1. Nokia 808 Belle Awakening CFW

2. Delight Belle FP2 CFW

3. The One Reloaded

4. PVN CFW for Nokia 808

5. Nokia 808 CFW by huellif

6. Mohican CFW (by Xeon)

7. Nokia 808 CFW by ivo777

Note – These firmwares are based on official Belle FP2 v113.010.1508 (RM-807). All features and updates of the CFW, download links to files and instructions are given at the respective pages. To use any of these firmwares you will have to flash your Nokia 808 with CFW files, for this you may refer to this post or any such tutorial given at dailymobile forum. Usually it takes few minutes to flash the phone if done as described. Kindly read the full post and detailed instructions before going ahead with the flashing process. There is always a risk of bricking the phone if flashing process is not done carefully so be careful!

The basic feature-set is same for all of the above CFWs so it’s just a matter of choice to select one (or try all one by one). The first three are relatively more popular and getting updated regularly.

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