Best sites to download Bollywood/Hollywood movies, songs in mobile video formats (3gp, mp4, avi)

Best sites to download Bollywood/Hollywood movies free (for mobiles)

Fortunately for movie-buffs (and unfortunately for film makers), almost all new Bollywood and Hollywood flicks are made available online as soon as they are released. Sometimes movies are widely available online several days before the official release. Torrents are the biggest culprit of this piracy empire. Movies available at Torrent sites are in the form of big mkv/avi files intended for desktops/big-screen TVs. These are not at all optimized for mobile phones. Although current high-end smartphones are more than capable of handling almost every video format you throw at them. But most of us use low/mid-range mobiles which are not as powerful and capable. Also there is limited storage space in such mobiles – few big movie files will fill up the scarce memory. There are two

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