How to boot Asus Zenfone devices (Zenfone 3, Zenfone2) into Android Recovery mode?

What is “Android Recovery” Mode?

Android Recovery is an inbuilt functional menu in Android devices with many advanced options. As the name suggests “Recovery” consists of functions which are most commonly used to recover a malfunctioning phone. It is something like Safe Boot mode in Windows. Usually stock Android Recovery menu has following built in options –

Reboot system now
Reboot to bootloader
Apply update from ADB
Apply update from SD card
Wipe data/factory reset
Wipe cache partition
Mount /system
View recovery logs
Power off

Asus zenfone recovery mode

How to access Recovery mode in Asus Android phones?

As you can see, Recovery menu consists of special functions which are very useful (in specific situations) if handled properly. However these very functions can also render the phone unusable if messed up with. So these are not meant for average phone owners. And this is the reason you won’t find “Recovery” under phone settings or any other menu. There is a specific (somewhat tricky) method to enter recovery menu in Android phones which may differ according to manufacturer and/or phone models. Here is the method to access Android “Recovery” in Asus Zenfone series of devices –

  • First up, switch off the phone
  • Now press and hold (in the sequence) – Volume Down + Power buttons for a few seconds until the phone vibrates and “Asus” logo appears at the screen
  • Release the buttons when Asus logo appears at the phone’s screen – after a few seconds phone will boot into recovery mode and Recovery menu will appear
  • Now use Volume Up/Down keys to navigate through the recovery options and power button to select the highlighted option.

This method works in almost all Asus Zenfone phone models – like Zenfone 2 (Laser, Selfie, Go etc) and Zenfone 3 (Deluxe, Laser, Selfie, Go etc).

Note – If you press Volume Up + Power combo (instead of Volume Down + Power) – another settings menu will appear. You can boot into recovery from here also.


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  1. Mack K May 29, 2017 at 12:50 AM #

    Have ASUS Zenfone 3 Deluxe. Following the above instructions resulted in a black screen with a green robot lying on its back with a red X on it and a message that said “No command.”

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