How to boot LG G6/ G5/ G4/ G3/ G2 into Recovery mode? (Step-by-step Guide with Video)

What is “Recovery” mode in Android phones?

Android Recovery is an inbuilt functional menu in Android mobile devices with many advanced options. As the name suggests “Recovery” consists of functions which are most commonly used to recover a malfunctioning phone. Usually Recovery menu which comes built-in with the phone software is called “Stock Recovery”. When stock recovery is replaced by a modified recovery (like TWRP, CWM etc) it is called “Custom recovery”. For obvious reasons official or Stock recovery has limited options as phone makers do not want users to go deep and mess up with advance phone functions. On the other hand custom recovery provides a lot of functions to work with. However you have to root the phone to install a custom recovery.

What is the use of Android recovery?

Recovery is especially useful when phone is bricked due to software issues (stuck at boot screen/boot-loop/corrupt partition(s)/interrupted or faulty flashing/update interruption etc). You can’t access settings menu in a bricked phone to perform a factory reset/wipe data. In this case recovery menu can be used to execute these functions.

How to access Recovery menu in LG G4 and other LG Android phones?

As stated earlier, Recovery menu consists of specialized functions which are very useful (in specific situations) if handled properly. However these very same functions can also render the phone unusable if messed up with casually. So these are not intended to be used by average phone owners. And this is the reason you won’t find “Recovery” under phone settings or any other menu. There is a specific method to enter recovery menu in Android phones using hardware keys which may differ according to manufacturer and/or phone models. Unlike most other Android phones, it is a little tricky to boot LG devices into recovery mode. Here goes the method –

LG Stock Recovery Android

LG G4 Stock Recovery

  • Switch off the phone completely (let the screen and LED light go off completely) – if it is in hanged state then take out the battery and re-insert it
  • Now press and holdVolume Down + Power” buttons for a few seconds – means you have to press both the buttons in the sequence i.e. first press Volume down button and keep pressing it then press power button and continue pressing both of these.
  • Keep pressing both the keys (usually for a second or two) until LG logo appears – first the phone will vibrate and then LG logo will appear – do not release the button at vibration.
  • Now the tricky part starts – just when the LG logo appears at the screen, release only the power button for a moment, say for a blink of the eye (but DO NOT release the Volume Down button) – and then again press and hold power button (while the Volume Down button is still pressed)
  • (Hopefully) If you performed this quick maneuver correctly as described, the phone will boot into stock recovery. Release the buttons when recovery screens appears. Now use Volume Up/Down buttons to browse through the menu options and the Power button to select the highlighted option. In comparison to Samsung and many other Android phones, LG’s stock recovery is pathetically simple with only option being “Factory Data Reset”/“Factory Hard Reset”. If selected, this option will reset the phone to factory default condition erasing all user data. So be careful using it!

Additional Notes

  • As the process is a bit weird, you may not do it correctly in the first attempt (unsuccessful attempt will result in normal phone boot). Do not panic! Just Switch off the phone and repeat the process again until you succeed. It may take a couple of attempts to hit the perfect timing.
  • Some other methods also exist (other than using hardware buttons) to access recovery mode in Android phones – like via ADB or by softwares like Quickboot etc. But the hardware-key-combo method is most commonly used as it does not require any additional software or computer. These methods are discussed in other posts.
  • We have successfully used this method in LG Optimus G, LG G2, LG G3, LG G4, LG G5 and LG G6. It will work in all LG variants irrespective of carrier or region lock. Additionally it should also work in LG V10, LG V20 and most other LG phones. Do let us know in which LG phone you tried it?

How to boot into custom (like TWRP) recovery?

If you have a rooted phone with custom recovery installed and the phone boots into stock recovery by above method – then select the “Factory Data Reset” option – confirm the action and bingo! Phone will boot into custom recovery (rather than resetting the phone! again weird!). Warning – before selecting “Factory Data/Hard Reset” option, you must be sure that a custom recovery is installed in the phone – if there is none, then this option will factory reset the phone, erasing all data in the internal memory. So do not use this option if you are not sure whether a custom recovery is already installed or not (unless you don’t care about phone data!).


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  1. Riyaz December 13, 2017 at 12:14 PM #

    First, It was booting normal and couldln’t managed to boot on Recovery mode, I thought that the guide would not work on my LG G6.

    But the problem was my button.

    Thanks Finally I have boot my phone into recovery mode.

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