How to boot Samsung Android phones (Galaxy S8/S7 Edge etc) into Safe mode?

How to boot Samsung (Galaxy S, Note, A, C, J Series) Android phones into Safe Mode?

I have already described how to boot LG Android phones into Safe mode. However the method is a bit different in case of Samsung Galaxy Android phones. Here goes the step by step process –

  1. Switch off the phone
  2. (In switched off condition) Press the power button until boot screen appears – now release the power button
  3. Just when the boot screen with phone name and “Powered by Android” appears, quickly press and hold the Volume Down button – keep pressing it until phone boots (lock screen with “Safe Mode” water mark appears)
  4. Now release the Volume down button – if your timing of pressing the buttons was correct, phone will boot into Safe Mode. Try again if you are not successful at first attempt. A watermark reading “Safe Mode” will be visible at the bottom left corner of the display until the phone remains in this mode. To exit from safe mode just restart the phone and it will boot normally.

Note – You can’t use any third party app while the phone is in Safe Mode.

Samsung Galaxy Safe mode

What is Safe Mode in Android?

Under Safe Mode Android OS runs in a restricted mode with only essential (minimal) system services running. Safe mode is actually a debugging/diagnostic tool to troubleshoot a weirdly behaving phone. By default all third party apps (non-system) are disabled in safe mode including the ones which are set to auto-start at boot.

Why Safe Mode?

Android phones are notorious to slow down overtime with errors popping up every now and then. End result is a frequently un-responsive (hanged) phone. It’s a familiar scenario with Android – a novice user fires up the PlayStore in his/her new Android phone – he goes mad seeing the enormous number of lucrative apps/games – and installs everything in a frenzy – hundreds of them sometimes. As the PlayStore is a heaven for malware, adware and junk, soon the phone ends up as a brick ready to be smashed at the wall. Besides way too many apps, other causes of a problematic phone are –

  • Low memory (RAM and internal memory)
  • Rooting and tinkering with phone files/settings
  • Installing a custom firmware
  • A buggy firmware update
  • Malware/virus infection
  • Corrupt system files

Safe mode is a life saver in such scenarios – it can save the phone from a hard reset. So you should always try safe mode before going for the reset option.

How Safe mode works?

  • As stated earlier, safe mode disables all installed apps except the native ones (which come pre-installed with the phone), so it can be used to find out the problem and resolve it. If you think the problem is caused by a 3rd party app then boot into safe mode and uninstall the suspected app(s) and see if this solves the issue.
  • Safe boot also allows you to use the phone (and avoid the hassle of a hard reset) if it is not working in normal mode
  • Some adware/malware apps are too stubborn to be uninstalled normally. Such apps can be easily removed in safe mode.

We have made a video showing the above process – have a look


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