How to boot Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus into Safe Mode?

What is Safe Mode in Android OS?

In this post we will describe how to boot Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus into Safe mode. But before jumping into action let’s see what actually Safe mode is? Safe Mode in Android is a diagnostic/troubleshooting mode. It is a special function which disables all user installed apps (3rd party). Only native system apps are functional in Safe mode. Sometimes third party apps malfunction and breakdown the phone (causing frequent restarts, system errors etc). In such case you can boot the phone into safe mode and uninstall the culprit app(s). This way you can also remove a malware app which can’t be uninstalled under normal conditions.

As Safe mode is an advanced function, it is intended to be used by trained service personnel or the users who know it very well. It is not meant to be used by majority of average phone users. Hence mobile manufacturers do not make it accessible via phone menu or settings. Usually such advanced functions (including Safe mode) are accessible by pressing a specific combination of hardware buttons. These key-combos differ from company to company and sometimes may be different for two phones of the same company.

Samsung Galaxy Safe mode

How to boot Samsung Galaxy S8 (or Galaxy S8 Plus) into Safe Mode?

We have already described accessing Safe mode in Samsung phones like Galaxy S7 Edge here in an older post. That method applies to almost all Samsung Android phones because they are identical in every aspect. However the newly launched Galaxy S8/S8+ have a little deviation from Sammy’s characteristic design language. Due to a near full-front display, there is no typical “Home” button in these phones. This change affects the traditional key-combos typical for Samsung to access various hidden functions.

For combinations which involve Home button will now use the new “Bixby” button. So basically “Bixby” button is the new “Home” button for such combos. However the combos which do not require “Home button” are not affected by this change. Booting into Safe Mode in Samsung Android phones does not require the Home button so there is no change in older method. For your reference here is how you can boot a Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus into Safe mode –

  • Switch off your Galaxy S8 /S8+ until all lights are gone
  • Now press and hold the Power key until phone name and powered by Android screen appears. Release the power button just when this screen appears
  • Immediately after releasing power button, quickly press and hold “Volume Down” key. Keep pressing it until phone boots into Safe mode.
  • Release the Volume down button when Lock screen with Safe mode watermark (at the bottom left) appears. Now your phone is in Safe mode. As no third party app is running you will notice a fast, lag free performance.
  • The timing of pressing buttons is crucial, it may not happen in the first attempt. Try again if not successful at first. To exit from Safe mode at any time, just restart the phone.

Above method should work in all Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ models including international, unlocked and Carrier-locked (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Cricket, Vodafone etc) variants.

Note – As all third party app are disabled in safe mode, you can’t use any of them (so no Fb/WhatsApp/Instagram/Twitter notifications!). To know more about Safe mode you may refer to this post.


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