How to boot Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8 Plus into Stock Recovery?

“Recovery” is an advanced function menu in Android devices. It provides many useful functions normally not found under phone settings. These functions help in troubleshooting various phone’s software related problems. Recovery is especially useful to revive a bricked phone by performing a hard reset and/or wipe cache partition. Read this post to know more about Android Recovery.

Being an advanced level menu intended to be used by experienced users, recovery is not accessible via phone options/settings. Usually a specific combination of hardware buttons (pressed in a sequence) is used to boot Android phones into Recovery menu. This combo differ from company to company or device to device. Here is how you can boot Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8 Plus into stock recovery.

How to boot Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ into stock recovery menu?

We have already described accessing stock recovery in Samsung phones like Galaxy S7 Edge here in an older post. That method applies to almost all Samsung Android phones because they are identical in every aspect. However the newly launched Galaxy S8/S8+ have a little deviation from Sammy’s characteristic design language. Due to a near full-front display, there is no typical “Home” button in these phones. This change affects the traditional key-combos typical for Samsung to access various hidden functions. For combinations which involve Home button will now use the new “Bixby” button. So basically “Bixby” button is the new “Home” button for such combos.

1. First switch off the phone

2. Now press and hold “Volume Up” button, “Bixby” button and lastly the “Power” button (Important – press the Power key in the last i.e. first press and hold the Volume Up and Bixby and then Power key). Phone will boot up – do not release any key when phone model name appears

3. Keep pressing the three buttons until Android Logo animation with text “installing system update” appears at the screen. Release all the buttons now – after a while the Android bot will disappear and Recovery menu will be shown (as seen in the pic)

Galaxy S8+ Stock Recove

4. Now you can use Volume Up/Down keys to navigate through options and Power button to select any highlighted function.

Additional Notes – In other Samsung phones you can use Home button instead of the Bixby key in the above method.

wipe cache partition” and “wipe data /factory reset” are the two most commonly used functions of Android Recovery menu. Wipe cache partition function deletes the entire software cache (system and third party apps) thus solving corrupt cache related issues.

wipe data/factory reset” is a master reset function which formats the internal memory and re-installs the stock ROM afresh. All phone data (media, accounts, contacts everything) will be lost during the reset process. This results into a phone with default factory settings. Note however that if a Google account is active (signed in) in the phone then you will need to enter that account’s credentials to perform wipe data/reset function.


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