6 Amazing camera features of Nokia Lumia 1020

Nokia’s new imaging flagship, Lumia 1020 has started shipping now and camera-phone enthusiasts are excited about it all over the world. Currently Lumia 1020 is making waves among tech and mobile blogging community. It has impressed almost every well-known phone-reviewer with its imaging prowess and features. But as a common mobile user, do you know the key camera features of Nokia Lumia 1020? Well, for your information, here are 6 great camera related facts about this smartphone –

41 Megapixel camera with PureView technology – Barring Nokia 808, no other smartphone currently has even half the megapixels in comparison to Lumia 1020. This translates into a lot of details in every shot you take, as Elop aptly puts it “first snap and then zoom” which means you can get (by cropping) many small photos out of a single image captured with Lumia 1020 thanks to the huge camera sensor and high-end image processing technology. Hardware-wise there are 6 separate lenses with ZEISS (formerly Carl Zeiss) optics and PureView technology in Lumia 1020 for loss-less zoom and improved optical image stabilization (OIS).

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) – It is an advanced camera feature which results in sharper and clearer shots in low light conditions and none or negligible shakiness in recorded videos. Only high-end digital cameras used to have this feature until now. Lumia 920 was the first Nokia phone featuring OIS and now Lumia 1020 takes it one step further – Nokia has incorporated ball-bearings in the camera module to handle OIS even more efficiently. So no more jerky videos now, no matter how fast or bad you handle the phone during video recording.
OIS, large camera sensor and six lenses make it possible to record full HD (1080p) videos with up to 6x zoom without losing any quality.


Inside Nokia Lumia 1020 Camera

Nokia Pro Camera – Nokia has redesigned the default camera app (as Nokia Pro Camera) for Lumia 1020 to handle the powerful imaging features of this beast. With intuitive and professional interface (yet easy controls) Nokia Pro Camera has all the options you will ever need to get the best out of the best cameraphone. From ISO value to white balance, image size to shutter speed you can easily control everything and see it happening real time. Besides there is also a useful help section inside Nokia Pro Cam app which explains every option like a “tutorial” so that you can use the camera like a pro.

Dual-capture feature – A special camera function of Lumia 1020 is that it takes two photos simultaneously – one at the full resolution (larger image with incredible details) and another smaller one of 5 megapixel resolution. Thus you can be sure of getting the best shot everytime you press the camera shutter of Lumia 1020. Besides you can go crazy editing the full res image with endless possibilities.

The best-in-class Xenon flash and incredible camera shutter-speed range – Nokia Lumia 1020 has the widest range of shutter speed (which other camera phone can only dream of) – 1/16,000 of a second to all the way up to 4 seconds and to complement this there is a next-gen Xenon flash which can illuminate the scene according to any shutter speed. Besides there is also a LED flash for video recording.
The wide range of shutter speed translates into great pics even in very low light and of fast moving objects. Thus the quality of your clicks is limited only by your own creativity.

Nokia Rich Recording – with this advanced mic feature Nokia Lumia 1020 can record crystal clear stereo sound (in audio/video) even in loudest of surroundings like live concerts.

Concluding the post all I can say that Nokia Lumia 1020 is the king of all cameraphones and a true successor of Nokia 808 PureView. My only wish regarding this phone is – would we ever see a Nokia 1020 with Android OS?

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