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HTC Infographic makes fun of other Cameraphone Manufacturers (Nokia, Apple)

In a recent infographic published at the official HTC blog (describing the history of photography and cameraphone technology), HTC tried to portray itself as the leader in cameraphone tech and innovation. This infographic was created as a teaser for the upcoming HTC flagship Android phone (HTC M7) and its imaging prowess. There is nothing new […]

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First Picture Taken with a Mobilephone Camera (and instantly Shared over network)

From VGA resolution to all the way up to 41 Megapixels (Nokia 808PureView), mobilephone cameras have crossed many milestones during past 10 years. In this age of megapixel-madness, I still remember my first camera phone (a Motorola, can’t recall the exact model) which took pictures so bad, sometimes it was difficult to figure out the […]

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Symbian PR 3.1 (Belle FP1?) is coming for Older Symbian^3 phones in June/July 2012 – Source

Finally some good news for older Symbian^3 phone owners – a post-Belle update (PR 3.1) is in the offing either in the last week of June or in early July 2012. Contrary to earlier reports which denied any existence of post Belle update for first generation Symbian^3 phones, this news states that update is actually […]

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