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Data storage management is one of the most critical components of any business – big or small. It also directly affects the productivity and efficiency of the employees (and thus profits of the company). Depending upon the size of business every company sends/receives hundreds to thousands of emails, documents and other types of electronic transfers daily. This huge amount of data must be properly categorized, stored and secured for future retrieval and use. A powerful data management/virtualization solution is required to handle all these tasks effectively.

CDW is a leading provider of technology solutions and services for business, government and the education sector. They are also a well known name in the field of data storage management. CDW’s powerful data management solutions can transform any organization’s info/data flow by providing flexibility and systematically standardizing and simplifying data storage systems. Integrated archiving into data storage lets you define (and thus automate) data retention policies for various data types and users. These policies ensure the proper storage of data and deletion when no longer needed. Categorization and archiving of data enables users to perform quick and advanced searches of documents for easy retrieval.


Benefit of Data Storage Management and Virtualization Solutions

As described above data storage management and storage virtualization –

Greatly improves the efficiency of workforce by reducing administrative overhead and Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%

Provide a centralized data storage management system

Drastically reduce data storage maintenance costs

Achieve greater scalability to accommodate future growth and expansion

Secure your confidential data by protecting it with login authorization

Data de-duplication feature saves a lot of costly storage space for company

Components of Storage Management and Virtualization Solution

Storage Management Software – Data storage management software is the core component of any data storage solution. A good software will enable you to reduce the complexity of multiple data storage systems by automating data storage and availability across the network.

Data Storage Virtualization (DSV) – This system virtually integrates multiple data storage systems and making them appear as a single one. DSV is commonly used in conjunction with SANs to provide users a single “virtual” data storage device.

Storage Area Networks (SAN) – SANs are storage networks which provide a high‑speed redundant path to a pool of storage devices. SANs can be connected through a fiber or iSCSI interface.

Blade Servers – A blade server is the processing power of a traditional server, housed with other blade servers in a chassis that shares the power, cooling, connectivity, and management of each server.

Archiving Software – This system automates the movement and storage of data through its life cycle. Archiving software can delete the file at the end of its retention period (as specified via preset policies). It also provides single-instance storage of files, freeing up disk space and processing power.

E- Discovery Software – With the help of Archiving software, e‑discovery software provides advanced search features and systematic archiving inventories, enabling authorized users to quickly search all files and e‑mails of a particular type.

CDW’s data storage and virtualization solutions provides all the above and many more features to help your business run efficiently and thus earn you higher profits. To learn more about their data management softwares and services you can download CDW’s Red Report free for a limited time. It gives you an exclusive insider view about managing your data and how to:

get faster access to critical info

better support your workforce

protect company’s data

eliminate infrastructure inefficiencies

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