(How to) Convert EPUB E-Books into other E-Book Formats (MOBI, PDB, FB2, LIT, RB, HTMLZ, LRF, PMLZ, RTF, SNB, TCR etc)

Availability of many dedicated eBook reader devices and countless apps (across all OSes) has proved to be a boon for students and book-lovers alike. However this very fact has also created a state of anarchy in the form of hundreds of eBook formats sprouting up. This often happens, when one buys a new eBook reader device, his/her old eBook collection becomes useless because the new device only supports a proprietary eBook format. It’s a big nuisance indeed. In this post I will tell about a very useful PC software which can convert any EPUB format eBook into any other eBook format supported by all currently popular eBook readers (Kindle, Nook, Sony etc).

(DRM-free) EPUB eBooks are ubiquitous all over the web and a huge collection of these (across all subjects and genres) is freely available at various sites. However these books are not optimized for reading at all screen sizes and resolutions which means you have to convert them according to your eBook reader device standards for optimum reading experience.


Calibre comes to the rescue in this scenario; it will handle all your eBook conversion and management needs with ease. It’s an amazing, free software capable of converting EPUB eBooks to other popular formats. Besides being a powerful eBook converter, Calibre also has a host of other options and utilities –

A feature-rich eBook reader (bookmark, image resize, keyboard-shortcut support and many other options)

eBook search option – to search according to author, title etc at hundreds of popular online eBook stores like Amazon Kindle, Archive, Barnes and Noble, Manybooks, Google Books, Feedbooks, Kobo, ebooks.com etc

Powerful eBook management – A capable eBook library to manage and organize your eBook collection (local and online). It can even connect to your online folders (cloud storage) or iTunes and retrieve eBooks from there.

Plugin support to add more functions and options

Fully customizable interface/look/color and reading experience (support to add custom CSS)

Converting eBooks with Calibre

It is very simple to convert EPUB eBooks to the desired format using Calibre. You can either use “Auto conversion” option – simply select a EPUB e-book in Calibre and connect your eReader device with computer. Wait until Calibre detects your device. Calibre is smart enough to know if the book is in a format supported by your reader. If it’s not, Calibre will ask if you want to auto convert it. Select yes and Calibre will take care of the conversion stuff and then send the book to your reader. Simple!
Or you can also opt for “Convert books” function to get more control over conversion process – a large number of options to tweak including the selection of output format. Do not worry if this screen looks very complicated as most of the options are set optimized by default. Remember Calibre can convert EPUB e-books to other formats so the input format is EPUB only. Output formats include – EPUB, FB2, HTMLZ, LIT, LRF, MOBI, PDB, PDF, PMLZ, RB, RTF, SNB, TCR, TXT, TXTZ and ZIP
Thanks to its developers, Calibre is constantly under development with regular updates rolling out at regular intervals. Hats-off to you guys for this wonderful application! I request my readers to donate Calibre developers to reward their effort.
Calibre is available for Windows (XP, Vista, 7), Mac OSX, Linux and Portable drives. Download it free from here according to your computer OS.

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