[How to] Copy/Paste installserver.exe in C:/sys/bin Using X-plore

Placing hacked installserver.exe in C:/sys/bin is a crucial step in Symbian hacking. This post is for those novice Symbian users who face difficulty doing this step. Here is how you can use X-plore to copy/paste any file anywhere in Symbian mobiles –

First of all you need to have full system access to paste anything inside system folders – so follow the hacking process (described in this post) until successful applying of “Open4All” patch via ROM Patcher.

1. If you don’t have X-plore installed already then download and install it from here. Launch X-plore and see if it is showing all files and folders – go to Menu/Tools/Configuration and check/tick the first four boxes. However leave them as such if they are already checked. Press Back

2. Now go to the location where installserver.exe is present in phone – like in E:/Received files or else

3. Once the file is located, just highlight it and go to Menu/Edit/Copy – this will copy installserver


4. Now go to C:/sys/bin

a) In touchscreen phones – first open/expand C:/ drive by touching + icon adjacent to the drive letter (its a little difficult to touch precisely in X-plore for peoples having heavy hands and fingers because of small size of icons).

b) In non-touch phones go to C:/ drive by up/down arrow key and then press “Right arrow” key (do not press the center/select key to open drive)
Now find and open sys folder (similarly as described above) – in sys folder find bin folder – touch/tap bin folder twice in touch devices (or highlight it and press center/select key in non-touch devices) to paste the installserver.exe file in it (copied in step 3 above). Done!

Simple! Isn’t it? (provided you don’t have heavy hands and thick fingers).

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3 Responses to [How to] Copy/Paste installserver.exe in C:/sys/bin Using X-plore

  1. kelly May 17, 2012 at 11:04 PM #


    Followed this up until finding installserver.exe. I can’t locate it. I have an N8 just updated to belle. I also don’t have anything in my C:/ folder either even though i’ve ticked hidden files etc.

    • Shoaib Siddiqui May 17, 2012 at 11:52 PM #

      Dear, this is a complementary post to the original hacking post. Refer to that post for actual hacking instructions

  2. ruokuovilie June 10, 2016 at 2:48 PM #

    sir, i’v alredy followed the step but i have no idea to go to the last steps which is to x-plore please help….

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