Do you miss simple “Copy/Cut/Paste” functions of PC while writing text in your mobile? Well in fact these functions can be performed with the help of “Pen” key in Symbian S60 phones. “Pen” key is one of the least used keys in S60 phones. However it can perform many functions like “Marking” multiple objects, “Copy, Cut, Paste” text (While working in “Notes”, “Messaging” or any other Application that uses phone’s in-built “text editor”). Following are simple instructions to do “Cut/Copy/Pasting” in Symbian S60 phones (2nd and 3rd Edition):
1. To perform Copy/Cut function you must select some text first – place the curser just before the character you want to start selecting. Now press and hold “Pen” key plus (Simultaneously) press the navigation key to “Right”. Continue pressing the key combination up to the point you want to select the text. (To select multiple lines in the text press the navigation key “Down”. After the desired text is selected (Highlighted) release the Pen key. Now again press it – a menu will pop up having options of Cut/Copy etc. Select the desired function and the selected text will be copied to Clipboard.

2. “PASTE” function – After Cut/Copy procedure you can Paste the selected text anywhere (In a text editor). To do this, place the cursor at the location where you want to place the Copied/Cut text and press “Pen” key. A menu will pop up, select option “Paste” from it and done.
Note: the Copied/Cut text will remain in phone’s memory until it is “Restarted” or some other text is cut/copied.
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