CutePress – the only WordPress mobile App for Symbian & MeeGo phones

Being a WordPress blog owner, I have been searching for a basic WordPress mobile app for my Nokia N8 since I bought the phone back in 2010. After much effort I came to know that there was an official WordPress app for Symbian^3 once upon a time but it was removed from the Ovi Store (there is a buggy app still there at the Store for S60 5th ed devices). Poor me, I quit the idea of mobile blogging (until I got an Android phone). Many of my readers ask me this question time and again – can you suggest us a WordPress Symbian^3 app? And my answer was a typical “no” until recently when I found CutePress. CutePress is a new WordPress mobile client for Symbian^3 and MeeGo phones. It’s a 3rd party app created by an independent developer (not the official app developed by WordPress).

CutePress is the only WordPress mobile App for Symbian & MeeGo phones

So if you manage a WordPress blog (self-hosted or and post frequently on-the-go then you should have a look at CutePress for Symbian^3 – perhaps the only one available for this OS. CutePress is a capable mobile WordPress client (supports WordPress 2.7 or higher) with which you can perform basic tasks of blogging –

1. You can create new post or edit existing posts within an HTML post-editor box (shows recent 50 posts only)

2. Reply/edit/delete comments (shows recent 30 comments only)

3. Manage pages (edit/create/delete functions supported)


Being a Qt app, CutePress is smooth and fluid to operate giving a Windows Phone like feel. There is an option to toggle the app background white or black (like day/night skins). Being an initial release however, there is plenty of scope for improvement in CutePress (many known issues). We can only hope, the developer continues to improve it further.

CutePress is available free at the Nokia Store (UpdateNokia Store is no more now, so download CutePress sis file from here) – and supports all Symbian^3, Anna, Belle and MeeGo (including Harmattan, Nokia N9) phones.

Note – Before using CutePress, make sure to enable the XML-RPC option under “Remote Publishing” settings of blog – for this login to your WordPress blog at PC and go to Settings/Writing/Remote Publishing. Also there is certain risk of security breach while logging into your account via a mobile app so use it at your own risk!

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