Delight Belle Custom Firmware now available for Nokia E7 and X7 also

There are quite a few good custom firmwares (CFW) available out there for various Symbian phones. Out of these, Delight custom firmware is perhaps the most popular modded firmware for Symbian^3/Belle devices. Despite the official death of Symbian, the good news is that these CFWs are still getting regular updates, thanks to the passionate independent Symbian developers (Hats off to you guys!).

After its huge success with Nokia N8, C7 and 808PV, Delight CFW was eagerly awaited by other S^3 phone users. Now the wait is over as Delight has finally been released for Nokia E7 (and X7) last week. E7 is one of the finest (and might be the last of communicator series) full-QWERTY Nokia phones. But it’s marred by the stock-firmware’s limitations – bloatwares, limited C memory, slow speed etc. Delight CFW will completely transform your E7 both visually and functionally – beautiful UI, super fast speed, kinetic scrolling, more C drive space, all built-in mods, no more certificate warnings while installing unsigned apps etc etc and the list is endless. This Delight CFW for E7 is based on official Belle Refresh firmware v111.040.1511, product code 0591821 cooked by huellif and freaxs_r_us (using Nokia Cooker). Here are some of the countless awesome features of Delight CFW for Nokia E7 –

SMS Themer App

SMS Themer App


Delight Belle CFW Menu

1. New exclusive Delight app – the SMS Themer – which allows you to set any pic as background in messages app

2. About 372 MB free C drive memory after flash and 142 MB free RAM

3. Added – Beautiful Delight-exclusive theme, Transbelle Lighthouse Theme, Delight conversation skin (which replaces the default background skin in messages). You can use the Delight App to change skins

4. Ported DLNA capability

5. Bloatware Apps removed
Nokia Music
World Traveler
MS Communicator
Angry Birds

6. Extra added useful Apps:
SMS Themer app (Delight exclusive)
Unit converter app from s60v5
GPS Info app from s60v5
Connectivity Analyzer
WebSearch Ultimate Lite
Internet Radio
WinRar v1.01
X-Plore v1.6 (with custom settings and icon by BelleXDesigns)

7. Integrated Mods:
FP2 avkon2.mif
PtiEngine mod (ShortMultiTap + removed popup fader by default – changeable in Delight app)
New installserver.exe
WebbrowserFix by hqnqvn
SIP VOIP extended settings
ROMPatcher+ 3.1 (incl. Domainsrv autostart)
Modded autostart (removed system apps), added ROMPatcher
Full close system apps
Added all useful ROMPatcher patches (rmp)
ID3 and EQ editor mods
Added ported Anna and S^3 screensavers (Animation, Slideshow and Music Player)
Anna sound parameters and more volume
Tactile feedback while calls (removable)
Delight animation and sound in C:\data\Animations\, you can replace/remove it
Use startup.mif/.mp3 and shutdown.gif/.mp3 and enable warning sound in active profile.
Unlocked menu (create sub folders and rename apps)
No USB popups
FP1/2 task-switcher
Symbols in power buttons
Extended File manager mod
Smilies across all applications
Swipolicity mod (more rights)
Heapsize and Closing delay mod
Camera mod (compression set to 95%)
No active diverts popup mod
Voice Recorder mod (5 hours max, 256kbit/s)
Sysap.exe 3.0 by CODeRUS (restart via power menu, disabled all popups)
No lock/unlock vibration mod
Send protected files mod
Extended maxiumum SMS length to maximum
Slippery Scrolling mod (you can remove it by deleting C:\private\10202be9\persists\20021192.cre)
Modified CPU and GPU config (for best battery time)
Renaming profile mod
Show hidden apps
22 Equalizer sets added
Profile symbols mod

For more info about full-feature set, flashing instructions and download links of CFW files (uda, rofs, keyboard writing language files etc) go to the official Delight CFW blog. You may also refer to our detailed firmware flashing tutorial for Nokia phones using Phoenix.

Warning – If you don’t know much about CFW and phone flashing then please read the flashing instructions multiple times before jumping into the real action. Go ahead only when you know very well what you are doing, even after that follow the flashing instructions very carefully as one small mistake may brick your phone.

Thanks Michiel Smilde for the tip!

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