Trick to show *#0000# (or any other special code) in Call Log as dialled number in Symbian phones

As you may know that there are some special codes for Symbian OS that when keyed in at dial pad execute a predefined function, for example dialing *#06# will show IMEI of the phone. Just because of this you can not dial any such code to show it in the call log as dialed number (as they execute just by entering via keypad without any need of “Call/Green” key). Now the challenge is to show *#0000# (or any other special code) in dialed numbers (under call log) in a Symbian^3 phone. Can you do this? (As I have done in the screenshot below) Well, I will tell you how –

You will need a wonderful free app, WindowsPhone Emulator for this trick – download from here and install in your phone. WP Emulator is a flash-app which emulates Windows Phone UI (and all important phone functions) on a Symbian touch screen mobile.


1. After installation run the WPEmu app via Menu/Application

2. At the Launch screen select “Call” key icon (The very first icon on screen)

3. Now enter any special code (*#0000# in our case) and press “Call” key. Phone will ask “Allow flash content to dial number *#xyz#?” Press “Yes”

4. A connection will establish that will abort ultimately, does not matter anyway!

5. Exit the app and done! Now you can see the code in dialed numbers list. Show it to your friends and ask them to do this. I am sure, after much effort they will surrender.

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