Download Updated Official Facebook Mobile App (v3.4.1) for Java supporting phones

Update (July 2014) – Facebook Java mobile app has been updated to version 3.4.1 recently, so I have updated the download link given in this post with the new version files. The splash-screen and UI has been changed in the new version and the overall speed and user experience has improved considerably.

“Facebook for every phone” app for Java/J2me supporting phones (including Nokia Asha and Symbian Belle Refresh/FP2 devices – Nokia 808, 603, 701, 500, N8, C7, E6 etc) has been updated to version 3.0.1 recently. However it is not available in Nokia Store still which denotes the growing ignorance of Nokia towards Symbian. Anyway you can get it free from here (.jar and .jad in a zip file) or from here (login to facebook required). I did not notice any change in the new version in comparison to the older one which means its mainly a bug-fix release with only minor speed improvement.


Personally I don’t like the official Facebook app for Symbian/Java phones and more so after using the Windows Phone FB client (which is awesome). The FB Java app has a very basic set of features and limited functionality which might be good for cheap, feature phones but certainly not enough for decent-specs smartphone. Its indeed very sad that Facebook have not developed a native Symbian app. Fortunately there are some 3rd party apps to fill this void and fMobi is perhaps the best of these.

Note – has (almost an exact) copy of this post with title “Facebook for every phone updated…..”. Looks like they are short of content right now….


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