(Guide) How to download Stock ROMs (official firmwares) for Samsung phones?

What is Samsung Stock ROM?

In context of Android phones, stock ROM (also called original firmware) means the official Operating System (OS) software installed in the phone by the manufacturer. Besides installing in the phone, manufacturers also keep copies of stock ROMs at their servers. These are intended to be used by trained repairmen at authorized mobile service centers only. Obviously download links of stock ROM/firmware files are not made public, only service centers have access to them via authorized login or via specialized softwares. It is kind of unfair though as most of the phone software issues can be easily solved by user itself, provided you have the stock ROM and correct flashing software. But manufacturers won’t care.

Average users require Stock ROMs to flash (re-install system software in) their phones. Besides independent developers/modders require these to create custom ROMs (firmwares) like Cyanogen Mod etc. There are many scenarios when we need stock ROM for the phone, like for example

Why flashing with stock ROM?

  • To revive a bricked phone by flashing. Phones may get bricked due to many reasons like corrupt software, interrupted update process etc.
  • You want to revert back to official firmware after using a custom ROM due to any issue
  • Hard reset/format is not working to solve software issue
  • A soft/hard reset is unable to remove malware/virus infection
  • To un-root a previously rooted phone
  • To re-install a corrupt recovery or bootloader

How to download stock ROMs for Samsung phones?

Now the question is where to get stock ROMs for Samsung phones? Well, Internet is the answer. Thanks to some kind souls online – everyone can now download stock ROMs for almost any phone out there. Here are two such (best) places online which provide free download links to Samsung stock ROMs –

A. Sammobile Firmware Downloader

I am sure every Samsung fan know about Sammobile portal. It’s a great resource website (and forum) exclusively dedicated to Samsung mobile devices. Besides regulars like News, Reviews, forum etc Sammobile also offers a firmware download section at their website. However you must be a registered member of Sammobile to download firmware from here. So sign up first, it’s free. Now it is very simple to download ROM from Sammobile –

sammobile fw downloader

1. Open the Firmware download page at Sammobile

2. At the Find firmware page, type your phone’s model number in the box provided and click search button. For example if we want to download firmware for Galaxy S7 Edge, I will enter it’s model number i.e. SM-G935F. It is best to use phone model number for search (as it will yield accurate results). However you can also enter your phone’s name (if unsure about the model number) like Galaxy S7 Edge in the box to search firmware. Samsung phone’s model number is usually printed at many locations (vary according to phone) like

  • At the sticker below battery (in case of devices with removable battery)
  • At the sticker or printed at the back of the phone (in case of devices with non-removable fixed battery)
  • At the sticker on the retail box and at the user manual
  • Can also be seen at “About device” screen (under Menu – Settings – About device/phone)

3. On clicking search a list of all available firmwares (old and new) for the entered model will appear. You can further filter out other models by selecting your country from the drop down menu at this page. The firmwares are listed in order of newest released first then older appearing further down. Now you have to choose the correct firmware (as per your phone model and requirement) from the list. Usually it is best to choose the newest available firmware for your country/carrier.

4. Once decided, click at the firmware you want to download (just click anywhere at the row). At the next page there will be details of the firmware along with the download buttons. If you don’t have the premium membership of Sammobile then click the “Regular Download” button – firmware download will start. You can also become a premium member by paying nominal charges and enjoy a host of benefits like fast download speeds etc.

Firmwares are in the form of a single zip file over 1 GB in size (may vary depending upon the phone model). So a fast (unlimited data/WiFi) internet connection is recommended.

B. Updato firmware download service

Updato fw downloader
Updato.com is the second best website for this purpose. It is the best alternative to Sammobile with a huge number of Samsung firmware listings. Unlike Sammobile (which requires sign up to download firmware) everything is free at Updato as of now. As they proudly say –
“No sign-ups, no download-speed restrictions, no nonsense. Every Samsung firmware, ever released. Any device, any region.”

Great service for millions of Samsung users around the world! Anyway, the method of downloading firmware at Updato is essentially the same as described above for Sammobile. Just go to Updato’s firmware download page – enter the phone model in the search box – click search – a list will appear – choose the desired (and correct) firmware from the available options and click download – done!

Warning – Firmware flashing is an advanced process intended to be performed by technically trained personnel only. It is useful only if required and done correctly. It carries a certain risk of bricking the phone (which is negligible if done correctly and carefully with correct firmware). So DO NOT attempt to use firmwares for flashing casually or just for fun unless you know exactly what you are doing and how to do it. The above post is just to provide information on this subject. We are not responsible if anything goes wrong.


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