(Guide) How to factory reset Micromax tablets to solve various issues (stucked at lock screen/ forgotten pattern lock/too many email login attempts/soft-bricked)

How to factory reset Micromax tablets?
It is very simple to factory reset an Android device in working condition – simply go to Settings – Backup and reset – Factory data reset and select “reset phone/tablet” and done. However things become complicated if these options are not accessible due to any reason like when the phone is bricked/locked (not in working condition like for example you have forgotten the unlock pattern/password or the phone is stuck at the lock screen with message “too many invalid login attempts”. Such problems can be easily solved by performing a factory reset via Recovery boot menu. Recovery menu in Android is a very useful tool with many functions. It is accessible by pressing a combination of hardware buttons (variable depending upon the device). In this post I will describe the method of factory reset at boot via Recovery menu in a Micromax Tablet. Follow the steps given below –

WARNING – All data stored in the device memory (except external microSD card) might be lost by the following process so if possible, backup your important data first. Also make sure that the battery is at least 50-75% charged before going for the format process

Switch off the tablet – press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the device is switched off

MMX Android Recovery  Menu

MMX Android Recovery Menu

Boot into Android Recovery Menu – it varies from device model to model but as a rule of thumb – PRESS and HOLD the volume down and power button simultaneously for a few seconds – keep pressing the two buttons – device will vibrate and a photo of Android bot logo (Android in maintenance mode) will appear on the screen – now release the two buttons
Note – in some tablets button combination to boot into recovery menu is different – like Options/Menu or Home button + Volume Down + Power button. So try such combinations if one does not work for you

If recovery menu does not appear automatically after Android logo screen then press and hold volume up button for a few seconds until the menu appears on the screen – now release the volume up button

There will be a list of options under recovery menu – use volume up/down keys to browse through these options – go to “Erase/Wipe data and Factory reset” or something like that (the wording may vary according to device model) – select this option by pressing the power button (in recovery menu power button is used to select a highlighted option) – confirm the wipe of all user data by selecting yes at the next screen – your device will reset to original settings and all lock codes/lock pattern will be gone – wait for the process to complete – your device will notify once the process finishes – when it does, select the option “reboot system/device now” and done!

Your tablet will boot as if new!

Note – I have successfully used this method to reset Micromax Funbook Talk (P362)


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  1. Pinky March 15, 2016 at 6:46 PM #

    Not working for my p362. the menu simply does not comes up after the android robot is displayed.

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