First Picture Taken with a Mobilephone Camera (and instantly Shared over network)

From VGA resolution to all the way up to 41 Megapixels (Nokia 808PureView), mobilephone cameras have crossed many milestones during past 10 years. In this age of megapixel-madness, I still remember my first camera phone (a Motorola, can’t recall the exact model) which took pictures so bad, sometimes it was difficult to figure out the faces. Thanks to rapid development in mobile technology todays cellphone cameras have atleast partially replaced entry level digital cameras.

This much said, have you ever wondered, which was the first photo taken with a mobilephone camera and shared instantly with many people? Yesterday I came across this picture (at a site) claimed to be the first snap ever taken by a camera of a cellular phone – I am not sure whether it is the first ever by a cellphone but

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