Flappy Bird Game (Java version) for Symbian^3/Belle phones

The short-lived saga of Flappy Bird game has ended now as it has officially been withdrawn from PlayStore and Apple appstore last month. But its popularity does not look to wane anytime soon. Because it is ridiculously simple to code such a bland game, several clones of the Flappy Bird mushroomed for Android and iOS within no time (if interested, you may refer to this post to know more about some Flappy Bird alternative apps). Some of these clones are making good money cashing in on the success of the original Flappy Bird. Following the rat-race, some Flappy Bird clones have hit Java phones too. Here is a Flappy Bird look-alike game compatible with Java supporting Symbian touchscreen phones (S60v5, Symbian^3/Anna/Belle). I have tried it in my good old Nokia N8 and it works great. Download from here (as .jar file).

Flappy Bird Java version

Flappy Bird Java version

As you can see in the screenshot above graphics are a little less crispy than the original. However the gameplay is identical – you have to touch the phone screen repetitively to keep the ugly bird flying through a series of pipes – the more control you have on your tapping, the further you will go ahead in the game and collect points – avoid touching the bird with pipes or ground or you will be slapped with a “Game Over” screen. That’s it! Looks simple? But mind you it is frustratingly difficult to play and you will end up scratching your head within minutes. Even gaming industry-analysts are clueless about the block buster success of Flappy Bird as there is nothing extraordinary or novel in it to attract users – even its graphics mimic ancient 8-bit Mario game. In my opinion the main reason behind the success of Flappy Bird is internet where sometimes something goes viral just like “word of mouth” – without no reason whatsoever.


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