How to flash/reset a Lumia (WP) phone using Command Prompt in Windows?

I have already described the use of WDRT (Windows Device Recovery Tool) to flash (reset or re-install) official firmware in Lumia WP phones (read this post). Here I will describe the process of flashing Lumia phones via Command Prompt (cmd.exe) in Windows. The basic mechanism and the end result is essentially the same, just the method is different. So basically we will use Windows Command Prompt utility instead of WDRT GUI to perform the same function. So without further blah blah here goes the process –

Lumia flashing command prompt


1. Windows Device Recovery Tool (WDRT) – download from here and install in your Windows computer (Sorry! Not for Mac)

2. Lumia phone (Any Microsoft Lumia/ Nokia Lumia/other OEM WP running Windows Phone 8/8.1 or Windows 10 or later).

3. Make sure that phone’s battery is sufficiently charged (at least 50-60%) before flashing

4. Flashing will delete everything in phone memory. So make sure to back-up your important data before flashing the phone.

Flashing Lumia WP phones via Command Prompt

  • Download the official firmware of your Lumia phone from here or here – download only .ffu file
    At these sites you can search firmwares according to product type (in the format RM-xxx) or product code (in the format 0xxxxxx). These codes are specific to a particular phone model (vary according to country, carrier or language) – product code is more specific than product type. You can find these codes of your phone at the retail box product info sticker and at the sticker below battery (in phones with removable battery).
  • For convenience copy the downloaded .ffu file at the desktop and rename it as flashfile.ffu
  • Now open Command Prompt in Administrator mode – to do this in Windows 10 click at the Windows icon at the bottom left corner – from the popup scroll down to & open the “Windows System” tab – right click at “Command Prompt” – click “More” – click “Run as administrator”
  • Copy the following command (for 64-bit Windows – nowadays most computers are running 64-bit OS)

cd “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Care Suite\Windows Device Recovery Tool”

  • now paste it in the Command Prompt and press “Enter” button at the keyboard
  • Connect your Lumia phone with computer via USB cable
  • Now copy the following command

thor2 -mode uefiflash -ffufile “%HomePath%\Desktop\flashfile.ffu” -do_full_nvi_update -do_factory_reset -reboot

  • And paste it in Command Prompt window and press Enter at keyboard.
  • Flashing should start now – wait for the process to complete – do not touch the phone or cable until the flashing completes and phone reboots. Also make sure that the computer does not sleep (goes into Stand By mode) or (in case of laptops) runs out of power during the process. Phone will restart after the process finishes successfully. Now you can disconnect the phone from PC.

If the phone does not boot up after the process completes then copy the following command

thor2 -mode rnd -bootnormalmode

and paste in Command prompt and press Enter key at the keyboard. Phone should restart. Now you can disconnect the phone from PC.

Note – The role of Command Prompt in the above process is just to instruct WDRT to perform a specific function (flashing the phone). So basically everything is done by WDRT, we are just using Command Prompt to enter flash commands (instead of using WDRT GUI). The very same function can also be performed by WDRT (read this post to know how).

This method usually works for Lumia phones in working condition. It may also work in bricked Lumia phones which are recognized by computer and WDRT.

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