(Tutorial) How to flash a Samsung Galaxy phone with custom/stock ROM via computer using Odin?

What is phone flashing?

“Flashing” in terms of mobile phones generally means re-installing the operating system (OS) software of the device. It is just like re-installing Windows in a computer.

Why flashing is required?

Sometimes it becomes necessary to flash (also called refurbish) mobile phones to solve OS software related issues. Especially when the “Reset” option fails to solve the issue. Some possible scenarios when flashing is required are –

  • Dead /soft-bricked phone due to corrupt OS
  • Dead phone due to interruption of update process or failed previous attempt of flashing
  • Deep rooted Malware infection not removed by Antivirus softwares or reset
  • Boot-loop issue (phone restarts again and again)
  • Phone stuck at boot screen
  • Frequent restarts
  • Phone hangs way too frequently and badly (screen becomes totally unresponsive)
  • Phone is locked by password/pattern or any other method


  • Flashing will erase all the data in phone memory so (if possible) backup your important data first before jumping into action
  • Make sure there is no interruption during the flashing process – use genuine USB cable working perfectly, no disconnections from computer, no power failures, no computer restarts, no kids, doggy or cyclones around…….blah blah blah
  • Make sure there is enough free space (at least 5-6 GB) in the phone memory for the process to complete successfully
  • Phone battery must be charged over 50%

Flashing a Samsung phone (Galaxy S7 Edge) via computer using Odin

For this you need to have following –

  • A computer running Windows XP or later
  • USB data cable (preferably the original that came bundled with the phone or any other good quality one)
  • Odin software – it is a free Samsung phone service software (download from here). Note that you don’t have to install Odin in computer – it is downloaded as a ready to be used executable file – just extract the zip file and run the Odin.exe
  • Your phone’s firmware (also called Stock ROM) or a compatible custom firmware – if you don’t know how to download Samsung firmwares then read this post first. Firmwares are downloaded as zip files – you have to extract the zip file to use it’s contents with Odin. Preferably place the extracted files at desktop for easy accessibility

Now follow the steps described below –

1.Launch Odin – and it will look like this (screenshot below)

samsung Odin flashing

2. At the launch screen click BL button – a window will pop up – at “Open” window, browse and open the firmware folder (created by the extraction of zip file) – there will be a file starting with “BL” – select it and click “Open” (or just double click it) – the file will be added in Odin with “BL” option ticked

3. Now click the rest of the three buttons in Odin, one by one and repeat the above process every time – remember to select the correct corresponding file matching the button name

4. The “AP” file is the biggest one in the firmware (3-4 GB depending upon the phone model) – it will take quite some time to add in Odin – so wait for it – Odin may even show as “not responding” for a few second during addition of this file, do not panic in that case – it is temporary and the file will be added any way after a few seconds

5. Unlike AP, BL, CP files – which exist as a single type, there are two CSC files in firmware folder. One is “CSC” and the other is “HOME_CSC” – you have to select any one of these. If you want to leave the current CSC code of your phone intact then select HOME_CSC. While selecting CSC will set the CSC code of the phone as that of the firmware you downloaded. However if you have downloaded the firmware as per your phone model, country (and/or carrier) then it will have the same CSC code as that of your current phone’s. In that case you can select any of the file (CSC or HOME_CSC). So this file matters only if you are flashing the phone with a different country/region firmware. If you are still confused then don’t give a damn – just select CSC file and it will not affect your phone anyhow.
When all the files are added successfully, it’s time to grab your phone. For now, just leave the computer with Odin running in that position.

6. Boot the phone in “Download” mode (also called Odin mode)

Download mode is a special function in Android phones. Odin can flash a Samsung phone only when it is in Download mode. There is a specific method (which may differ from phone to phone) to boot the phone into Download mode. In Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, it is as follows

First switch off the phone – then press “Volume Down + Home + Power” buttons simultaneously (at the same time) and hold them for a few seconds until a “Warning” screen appears – release the 3 keys – now press “Volume Up” button to enter into Download mode. This is required for Odin to communicate and work with the phone. If the warning screen does not appear, try again few times as pressing three buttons at the same time is not an easy task especially with one hand.

7. Now it’s time to connect the phone with computer

While the phone is in download mode, connect it with computer via USB cable. The ID:COM tab will turn blue when Odin recognizes the phone. Do not change the default settings (under Options tab) in Odin unless you are an advanced user and know what these options mean. Now all you have to do is just click the “Start” button at Odin and it will take care of the rest. Just sit back and relax – the flashing process will take time (usually 10-20 minutes). If everything goes well, a “Pass” message (as shown in the screenshot below) will appear in Odin and the phone will restart. Now you can disconnect it from PC.

Flashing with Odin
There you have it! Your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as good as new, as if just pulled out of the retail box.

We have also made a video tutorial in case you want to see everything in action –

Notes & FAQs

Will flashing affect SIM/Carrier/Country/Region Lock of the Samsung phone?

Flashing a stock or custom ROM (even if it is from different country/region) DOES NOT affect any kind of lock in Samsung phones i.e. it will not unlock (SIM/carrier or region lock) your phone. So if you are going to flash your phone for this purpose – better forget it.

How does the flashing affects warranty & KNOX status of Samsung phones?

Flashing with a stock ROM will not affect your warranty status – it will not affect the KNOX status either. If you root the phone by flashing a custom firmware and recovery then the warranty will void and KNOX status will be tripped. However you can regain the warranty status by again flashing the phone with an official stock ROM but it will not change the KNOX tripped status.

Can we solve hardware problems by flashing the phone?

No! Hardware related issues are generally not amenable to repair by flashing

That’s it! Any suggestions or queries are welcome.

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