Format Method for Nokia Lumia Mobiles

UPDATE – This post has been updated and republished, so please refer to the latest one on this topic here.

Format/hard-reset refreshes the phone to original settings, wiping any user data from phone-memory. There are four possible ways to format Nokia smartphones – via phone’s settings menu, by reset codes, by specific key-combos and by flashing. Here we will discuss the first and the third one.
Here is the method to format/hard-reset the Nokia Windows Phone devices (Lumia 800, 610 and 710) by using physical (hardware) keys –

Switch Off the phone completely (Go to step 2 below if it is already switched off)

PRESS and HOLD following three phone buttons, SIMULTANEOUSLY

Keep pressing all the three keys (described above) until phone vibrates, now release the POWER button but continue pressing VOLUME DOWN and CAMERA for around 5-7 seconds until “NOKIA” logo/formatting screen appears

Wait for the format process to complete…Welcome to the new phone of yours!!

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