Format/Hard Reset Method for a Bricked Symbian^3/Belle Phone (Nokia 808, 701, 500, N8, C7 etc)

Here is how you can “Hard Reset/Full Format” a “Bricked” Symbian^3/Belle device (Nokia 500, 603, 700, 701, 808 PureView, N8, C7, E7, C6-01, X7, E6).
Exactly follow the instructions given below:

1. Turn off the phone (Go to no. 2 below if it is already “Off”)

2. PRESS and HOLD “Volume Down Key”, “Camera Key” and the “Menu Key” simultaneously

3. (Still keep pressing the above three keys) Now PRESS and HOLD Power On/Off button (Better get help from someone else for this “Press and Hold so many buttons” maneuver)

4. After a while the phone shakes up and the welcome screen is shown, continue pressing all the four buttons until the “Welcome to Nokia” (Language selection) screen appears, now release the keys…..Back to life! your precious phone
Repeat the process if nothing happens (Pressing four keys simultaneously is not an easy task after all!)

This hard reset will delete everything from phone memory and mass memory including the goodies that come bundled with the phone. So, if possible, remember to backup the phone contents using Nokia Suite.

NOTE: 1. In “Mobile Slang” a phone is called “Bricked” when it is not starting up (nothing happens on pressing “Power On” button or nothing happens after the start up white screen or the phone starts up but restarts again and again). It most commonly happens due to using FontRouter, Advanced Device Locks and some other apps – so better avoid installing older version (S60 5th ed) apps in your Symbian^3 phone.

2. You cannot remove the battery of N8 so if it hangs (not responding), PRESS and HOLD Power On/Off button until it restarts. Refer to this post to format the phone (in working condition) by codes or this post (flashing with Phoenix), if any other method does not work.

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  1. Nick October 13, 2014 at 10:56 PM #

    Thanks men !
    you really help me !!!

  2. ryt February 2, 2015 at 7:33 PM #

    thanks it worked out very very well. bless you!

  3. yashas December 17, 2015 at 12:33 PM #

    My nokia 500 doesn’t have camera button to do the above said option.? what else should i do?

  4. Aka peter April 12, 2016 at 3:25 PM #

    Serious u are the best

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