Formatting Nokia S40 (Touch-and-Type and Full-touch) Mobiles by Format Codes

An old post of this blog (written almost 3 year ago) on Nokia formatting codes is still one of the top-ten posts in terms of visitor-share. In that post I have written that format codes work in Symbian S60 phones only and not in S40 phones. This statement still holds true but with a slight modification. This post is meant to describe that modification to my readers. It was a sheer stupidity of Nokia not to enable formatting codes in S40 phones despite the fact that there are millions of such phones out there. Perhaps they have realized this mistake too (very late though!) resulting in support for format codes in their newer touch-and-type S40 phones. I have successfully used both format codes *#7370# and *#7780# in Nokia C2-03. No luck for older S40 phone owners however (these can only be flashed using Phoenix or JAF).
So if you have any of the new touch-and-type S40 phone (Nokia C2-02, C2-05, C2-06, X2-02, X2-05, Asha 200, Asha 311, 305 etc) then it can be formatted by using following codes –

1. Press *#7370# at standby screen – and follow the instructions. Phone will ask for the “Security code” (12345 is the default code), enter it and wait for the format to complete. This is also called a “Hard Reset” and will delete all the content in phone memory; phone will be restored to original factory settings.

2. Press *#7780# at standby screen – it is also called a “Soft Reset” and will restore the phone to “Factory Settings” without deleting any user content. This code also works in some older S40 phones as well.

Above codes will work only when the phone is in working condition (Standby screen is accessible). These functions (format/reset) are also available under “Settings” menu in phone.


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