Download Latest Leaked Symbian Belle – Like Pro Edition v7 (SW v111.040.904) for Nokia N8

As Belle FP1 update is expected now for older S^3 phones, modders have created some great CFWs (Custom FirmWares) based on the latest leaked Belle version (SW v111.040.904). There are many of them (still premature but getting polished by day) doing rounds these days at various Symbian forums. Here are two great Belle CFWs for you – each one has its own set of features, so carefully read the release notes of each at the dailymobile forum (download links of custom Rofs, core etc files are also given in the respective post thread) –

Taylor’s Awesome Belle (FP1?) Pro Edition v7 for N8

Delight Belle, PR4.0 by nicesoni_ash (Simply beautiful!)



Note that all the above firmwares are currently available for Nokia N8 only. Also these CFWs are pre-hacked so you don’t have to hack the phone after flashing. You will have to flash the phone with custom firmware using Phoenix. To do it just download the CFW files from the above links and follow this tutorial post describing the flashing process with screenshots.
Best of luck…

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