Nokia says goodbye to Ovi branding – Word “Nokia” replaces “Ovi”

As a strategic step Nokia has finally replaced its former “Ovi” brand name with its very own name – “Nokia”. It was a gradual transition that Nokia initiated earlier this year. From now on everything bearing the name Ovi will be called “Nokia xyz” for example Ovi Suite will be known as Nokia Suite, Ovi Store – Nokia Store, Ovi Music – Nokia Music and so on. Nokia has sent a newsletter containing more details about this rebranding to all its subscribers. Titled “Introducing All-new Nokia services”, this mail explains the transition in simple words –

“Goodbye Ovi, Hello Nokia!
There’s a new name for your favourite Ovi services. Introducing Nokia Maps, Nokia Music Store, Nokia Store and Nokia Mail – now better than ever to make life a bit easier and more fun…..”

Ovi_rebranded_to Nokia

Furthermore, Nokia has also announced recently that upcoming (to be released in February 2012) Belle update for older Symbian^3 devices will be called “Nokia Belle” and not Symbian Belle. It seems that Nokia want to get rid of even the legendary “Symbian” name. Poor OS! They want to erase even your name from records but you will live in our hearts forever.
Finally, dear Elop, changing names will not make any difference to the sinking fortune of Nokia. So better focus on other important things like planning to tackle the competition (Android and iOS). I am not going to buy your Lumia 800 with a premature, semi-cooked OS. I would rather love to have the superb Galaxy Note. Let’s face it, Windows Phone is still not worth the competition and will not be until WP8 arrives. I will buy your phone only when it will stand-tall against any Android superphone (in every feature).

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