Hacking Symbian BelleFP1 phones with Norton app and New Installserver Patch

Update (16.10.12) – As the original Belle phones have now been updated to Nokia Belle FP2, below given method is not working in them. So if you have updated your phone (Nokia 603, 700, 701 or 808) to Belle FP2 then refer to this updated post describing a new hacking method for these devices. However if you still have Belle or Belle FP1 then follow the below given post.

With the official roll-out of Symbian Belle FP1 update for Nokia 700, 603 and 701, most of these devices are now running the latest update. Some of our readers have mailed us complaining that the current Symbian hacking methods are not working well in Belle Feature Pack1. Hence, I am writing this post with an (slightly) updated hacking method specific to Belle FP1. Follow the instructions given below to easily hack your Nokia Belle FP1 phone within minutes –

Download Norton-security app from here and install in your phone, ignore any warnings and continue with installation

Launch Norton app via Menu and go to “Options/Anti Virus/Quarantine list

You should see three files in Quarantine, restore all of these, one by one via “Options/Restore

When successfully restored, exit Norton app and uninstall it, also go to File Manager and see if there is a folder named “Shared” in C:/ (Phone memory), if it is present, delete the entire folder. Also uninstall anything named “Norton…..” and “Symantec” via Application Manager (Settings/Installations/Already Installed). Restart the phone

Now download Symbian_Installserver_Hack_by_digipassion.com from here (sisx file) and install in phone memory (C: drive) – ignore “Application not trusted” and “Not Compatible with phone” warnings and continue with installation

Now launch the newly installed ROM Patcher+ from menu, select and apply the new patch (named installserver RP+ v1.7) via options (better add it to auto)

Exit ROM Patcher and done! Now you should be able to install any unsigned (having any capability) application in your phone. Thanks to all the great Symbian modders!

Note that this hacking method should also work in older S^3/Anna/Belle phones (N8, C7, X7 etc) but I have not tested myself. You may refer to this post for some other Symbian hacking methods (perfectly working in all Symbian pre-Belle FP1 phones).

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