Hacking Older Symbian Phones with HelloOx [cert/key required so no longer working]

Update: HelloOX has been updated to version 2.11 with Symbian^3 support (described in this post)

By “Hacking Symbian phone” we generally mean:
Getting full access to hidden system folders and files (read/write permissions)
Installing any unsigned app (no annoying warnings of “Expired or no certificate” etc)
In other words hacking give users full control over the device. There are two popular methods of Symbian hacking: by using HelloOX and by installing a “Hacked Custom firmware” (CFW) in the phone. Here I will discuss HelloOX:

HelloOX is a free app that does all the dirty work for you. Using HelloOX for Symbian hacking is the easiest (and the safest) method available. Unfortunately however it does not work in all Symbian mobiles (especially in updated firmwares). May be because HelloOX is not getting updated as fast and according to latest phone firmware updates. So you are lucky if it works in your phone (works well in older S60 3rd and 5th ed. phones like Nokia N73, N79, N86, N95 8GB, 5800 etc with old firmwares). Now lets get started with the hacking process:

1. Download HelloOX from www.helloox2.com (both free unsigned and paid signed version available).

2. You have to sign the unsigned version of HelloOX before installing it in the phone (read here to know how to sign an unsigned Symbian sis/sisx app).

3. Install the signed HelloOX in your phone

4. After installation launch it from phone’s menu (usually found in Menu/Applications)

5. This will start the hacking, a multi-step process including “Unpacking files”, “Mapping drives”, “Installing RomPatcher” etc. Wait for a while as the whole process may take 1 to 5 minutes (until the screen saying “Everything done” appears). If however it is taking longer (process is stucked at any point) then cancel it and run HelloOX again (repeat 4-5 times). Unlucky if the process does not complete in 4-5 attempts (means it will not work for you).

6. Everything done if the process gets completed. Now you can install any app without any hassle. To enable full access to System folders launch the newly installed app “RomPatcher+” and go to “Options/All patches”, select “Apply”. Exit the app and now you can access System files by any file manager (X-plore or FExplore etc). You can disable this anytime by going to ROMPatcher again. Also you can “Unhack/Re-Hack” the phone anytime later on via HelloOX.

How it works: HelloOX makes three major changes to the phone: installs “Root certificates”, replaces the original “installserver.exe” (which verifies and regulate the app certificates and installations) with the hacked one and installs ROMPatcher plus (which opens the system folders to all file managers).

Refer to the new Symbian hacking method (for all pre-Belle versions and Belle)


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