Hacking Symbian^3 Phones to Install Unsigned Apps [Obsolete]

UPDATE (15th Sept. 2011) – A new very simple and fully working Symbian hacking method is now available for all S60 versions (including Symbian^3). So please refer to this post for the tutorial (no key/certificate, flashing or custom firmware required).

Note that following method will work only if you have your phone specific certificate and key ISSUED BEFORE 23rd June 2011. While the above method does not require any cer/key file.

Older hacking methods (like HelloOx) that worked well in older Symbian versions (Symbian^1 – 3rd and 5th ed) are useless in newer Symbian^3 phones. HelloOx has not been updated since ages; perhaps the developers (hackers) have lost interest in a dying OS. So what to do in case you want to install loads of apps in your swanky new Symbian^3

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  1. King August 15, 2014 at 7:00 PM #

    Hey Shoaib, sorry2bother U.. But I would really apprecia8 it if U could help me with a detailed tutorial on how2hack Nokia E6 Symbian Anna. Am not tech-savvy, so may I plead for step-by-step details?? This means a lot 2me. I really hope U can help me.

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