(How to) Hide Application Icons from menu in Symbian^3/Belle phones

There are many things in our phone which we don’t want to share with others, right? After all there is something called privacy in this world and it applies to mobile stuff as well. You can hide private content (photos, videos, messages etc) via many apps available out there. But what if you want to hide any installed app from phone menu so that no one can access it? In this post I will answer this question. There are at least two apps available for this purpose which can hide any application icon (native or 3rd party) from phone’s menu –

1. Icon Hider – Icon hider is a small utility app developed by M. Bellino (an independent Symbian developer and modder). You can hide upto 20 app icons using paid version of Icon Hider (but only one app via free version). Besides Icon Hider can also hide itself in which case you will have to set a code to launch it via phone dialer. Icon Hider is compatible with all Symbian S60v3, S60v5, S^3/Anna/Belle phones. You can get more info and download Icon Hider from the official site.

2. Apps Hider – Apps Hider is a good alternative to Icon Hider. It can also hide any phone icon from menu. Interface of Apps Hider is very simple with just a list of phone applications and toggle buttons against each of them. All icons are “On” by default so to hide any of them just locate it in the list and touch the toggle button to turn/hide it “Off”. Simple! Similarly you can turn the toggle “On” anytime to get the icon back in menu. However lack of password protection or an Icon Hider type security mechanism make it somewhat useless (as anyone can access Apps Hider and see what is hidden). Hope the developers consider this in future releases of the app. Download Apps Hider from Nokia Ovi Store (signed) or here (unsigned and compatible with S^3/Belle).

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