Simple Trick to Disable avi Videos from Playing in SmartMovie

We all have some, well, “naughty” mobile avi videos (SmartMovie converted files) which we don’t want others to watch. Here is a simple method to disable the videos from playing in SmartMovie player without the help of any hiding app.

1. Go to File Manager under your mobile’s menu

2. Now go to the location where your file is stored for example mostly the videos are stored in the folder named Videos or Movies

3. Go to the file you want to disable from playing, now from options menu select Rename

4. The name of the file will look like “xxxx.avi”, now rename the file in such a way that either remove or change the .avi extension of the file or delete a letter or two so that the file name looks like “xxxx.av” or “xxxx.(anything) and done….as simple as that. Now if you select the renamed file, it will not play, showing warning “Unknown Format” and it will also not show up in smart movie player file list. Whenever you want to play the file, just rename the file again, adding the .avi extension in the end of file name.

Note: I have tried this method in most Nokia S60 phones, however result may vary on other mobiles. You may download SmartMovie 4.1 full (no loader required) from here.


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