Some Free Navifirm alternatives to download Nokia phones firmware files

Update (2016) – As Microsoft has closed down Nokia’s firmware repository for general public, softwares like Nokia Care Suite, Nokia Suite, Phoenix etc can not be used now to download Nokia mobiles firmware files. Even Navifirm, Nokia Software Recovery Tool and Nokia Data Package Manager which were working earlier are useless now. You may refer to this post for latest updates on Nokia/Symbian.

Firmware files are mobile’s operating system software files (just like Windows for PC). These are pre-installed in phone-memory (ROM) in every mobile and can also be re-installed afresh if required – a process popularly called as “phone flashing”. Flashing is often required in many scenarios like corruption/accidental deletion of system files (resulting in a dead or bricked phone), blue/white screen (BSOD), virus infection or just to refresh/reset a weirdly behaving phone etc. Original Nokia firmware files are available at Nokia servers but one must know the exact website-links to download them. As flashing is a complex, technical process intended to be performed by trained professionals, these sites are not easily accessible to general public. Fortunately independent developers have come up with some easy solutions to download Nokia phone software. Navifirm Plus is one such software which gives easy access to Nokia software download servers. I have already described the use of Navifirm in this post. Here are some other methods (free softwares and sites) which can be used instead of Navifirm for the task –

Computer Softwares

Nokia Data Package Manager (NDPM) – is an official Nokia software with full access to Nokia firmware servers. However only the current (newest) available firmware can be downloaded via NDPM. Refer to this post for download link and guide on how to use NDPM.

Phoenix Service Software – Phoenix is a popular Nokia-service software used to perform flashing and other mobile repairing tasks. Besides, Phoenix can also download original firmware files according to product codes but it has limited functionality and control over download options. Launch Phoenix and go to “Tools/Data Package Download”. You may refer to this post to know more about flashing using Phoenix and download link.

MobileEx – MobileEx (MXkey) is multipurpose mobile service software. Firmware files can also be downloaded via it. You can download latest version of MobileEx from here

Websites providing download links to firmware files

Cellomania Nokia/Lumia Firmware Downloader (read this post for details) – This is the ultimate site providing download links to almost all Nokia phone’s firmwares (old and new)

BTUsers – A very good site providing regularly updated direct download links to almost all current Nokia mobile’s firmware files

CPKB – Huge collection of download links to almost all Nokia phone’s firmware files – Russian site providing links to almost all Nokia firmwares (mostly Russian language)

Besides these sites you can also search any specific Nokia firmware at torrent search engines or file sharing sites (like

That’s all folks! do you know about any other such software or sites? please share here.


5 Responses to Some Free Navifirm alternatives to download Nokia phones firmware files

  1. Jason May 12, 2014 at 6:37 PM #

    Thanks for the site list, sadly my nokia 603 files are not there 🙁

  2. Sean Elliam March 6, 2016 at 2:17 AM #

    My 4n is E72-1 it switches off and then restarts automatically the firmware is 091.003 software version date 03/04/2012 language set 20.01 any ideas of what i shud do pliz (RM-530)

    • Roohi March 6, 2016 at 6:55 PM #

      First reset it. If the problem persists, download the firmware files and flash the phone. It will solve any software related issue however if the problem persists then it is probably due to a hardware issue.

  3. Rakesh Sharma August 23, 2016 at 12:39 AM #

    I have Nokia 2690
    Type: RM-635
    Product Code :0592524
    I need the all firmware files including (.dcp,.vpl and signature file …)
    I googled but i can’t find
    Please provide the link or any method to download
    I have downloaded the Nokia data package manager But when i open this it says online server not able and only OFFLINE MODE works So this is also not helpped

  4. Rakesh Sharma August 23, 2016 at 12:41 AM #

    I need these files(firmware files) in Indian language ENGLISH OR HINDI
    So …

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