(How to) Hack Nokia 808 PureView to Install Unsigned Apps and to Access System Folders

Update (Oct. 2012) – If you have updated your 808PureView to Belle FP2 then the hack described in this post may no longer work. In that case please refer to this updated post with a new hacking method for Belle FP2.

Nokia 808 PureView, the latest imaging flagship from Nokia is out now in the market and many of you would have already had your hands on this camera-killer phone. However I must say that any smartphone can’t be utilized to its full potential as long as its not hacked/jailbroken. Until the release of Nokia 808 (Belle FP1), Norton Symbian hack was working fine (still working in all pre-Belle FP1 and first gen Belle FP1 phones) but many Nokia 808 users have reported that the Norton app is giving “expired certificate” error on installation. So in this post I will explain the older Trend Micro Security method (with a little modification) to hack Nokia 808. If Norton Hack is not working for you in Nokia 808 then follow the steps given below –

First of all, uninstall any antivirus app (like FSecure etc) you already have in your phone as we will install Trend Micro app later in this method and presence of two security app at a time might render the phone unstable

Download this zip file and extract the contents anywhere in the phone (preferably make a new folder and extract file’s content in it). It contains following files –


Now first install Nokia808BelleFP1….sisx file, ignore any warning and continue with installation

Then install X-plore_1.58 (skip this step if you already have X-plore latest version installed)

Launch X-plore and open/expand C drive. Go to “Menu/File/Make Dir”, enter name of the folder as “tmquarantine”. Now scroll to the file “tmquarantine.zip” and open it. Go to “Menu/File/Extract to”, select the “tmquarantine” folder as the extract location (by touching it twice). This will extract four files to “tmquarantine” folder

Now install TM_Mobile_Security app and launch it. Go to “Options/Quarantine list”. There should be three files in this list, mark all three via Options and then restore them. Confirm the action and after restore process is successful exit Trend Micro app. Uninstall TrendMicro by touching and holding at its icon in phone menu and select “Delete” option from the popup. Confirm the prompt and wait for the process to complete.

Now install ROM Patcher+ Lite and launch it, enable two patches (installserver RP+ 1.7 and open4all RP+) and done! Now enjoy installing any unsigned app and full system access (sys, private folders). Better add these patches to “Auto” via options in ROM Patcher so that you won’t have to enable them after every phone restart.

Wondering how all this works? Refer to this post to know.

Note – Sometimes the phone goes in restart-loop (restart again and again) due to Trend Micro app compatibility issue. If this happens then switch-off the phone and then switch it on, just when the home screen shows up (do this process quickly and I mean real quickly) touch menu button, when the menu appears scroll down the screen to the end of the menu where Trend Micro icon shows up, touch and hold at this icon until options pop-up. Select “Delete” and confirm the action. Wait for uninstallation of Trend Micro app. However if the phone freezes and restart during any stage of the above quick maneuver then do not panic, just try again the whole process thinking that you were not quick enough last time. Actually Trend Micro app auto-runs at phone start (and freezes the phone) but it takes few seconds to run. You have to delete it before it launches itself (every second counts).

WARNING – Hacking is safe only in the hands of power users and it is certainly not meant for novices so do it at your own risk and only when you perfectly know what you are doing. I am not responsible if anything goes wrong!

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