[How to] Track Adsense/Chitika Ad Clicks for a Website/Blog

Google is very strict over invalid clicks and your account may be disabled within no time if any suspicious click activity (click bombing or self clicks) is detected. So it is important to safeguard your Adsense account from jealous eyes. Unfortunately most website/blog stat counters fail to provide any detail about Adsense ad clicks.
After much search I found a site stats tracker provided by “Stat Counter” which also gives detailed info about Adsense (or other Advertising Website) clicks – IP address of the click source, activity log of that particular visit etc. With Stat Counter you can also label (remember for future reference) the Ad click-IP and track its activity in the future (to know whether it was a genuine click or a suspicious/fraud one).

To start tracking Adsense clicks you need to register at Stat Counter and then create a custom tracker for your site/blog (there is also an option of a hidden tracker). Once created, you will have to place the tracker code into your site/blog’s htmltag. It is a very simple process described step by step at the site (if you don’t know). There is also a Stat Counter WordPress plugin for WordPress blogs as well (login to your WordPress account and search “Stat Counter” in the “Add new” option under Plugins menu, install from the search results) which gives you access to all the stats from WordPress account itself.

To track Adsense ads clicks, login to your “Stat Counter” account and go to the “Exit Link” (Reports total outbound clicks) and “Exit Link Activity” (detailed info about individual clicks) submenu. These two sub menus provide detailed info about Adsense ad slots (clicks, IP address of clicker, time when the ad was clicked and whether there is a repeat ad-click activity etc). You can also label any suspicious IP for future tracking of its activity. One catch though – the free counter logs only 500 visits record, so you will have to buy premium tracker for more visits log (5500 visit log for $5/month only).

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