HTC Infographic makes fun of other Cameraphone Manufacturers (Nokia, Apple)

In a recent infographic published at the official HTC blog (describing the history of photography and cameraphone technology), HTC tried to portray itself as the leader in cameraphone tech and innovation. This infographic was created as a teaser for the upcoming HTC flagship Android phone (HTC M7) and its imaging prowess. There is nothing new in this promo as companies often use these types of strategies at the launch of their flagship devices to create hype and gain publicity. But this time HTC promo team has made fun of itself by twisting some well known facts and doing blatant self pampering. It looks like either they have not done their homework before creating this crap or it was deliberately done. Have a look yourself –


HTC M7 Infographic

As you can see in the image they showed some (and perhaps all they can boast of) “very first…” and “the first in history” type of achievements from HTC. Besides they have also compared these feats with some irrelevant facts about Apple and Nokia undermining other achievements of the latter. Interestingly HTC did mention Nokia 808 PureView in the infographic but instead of mentioning its powerful imaging capabilities, they devaluated it by quoting a reviewer’s irrelevant comment (which relate to the OS rather than camera). Similarly HTC also made fun of Apple’s iPhone 4S by showing it a year behind HTC Droid Incredible to “bulks up with an 8 megapixels camera”.

Come on guys, are you in a dreamland? I mean you can not fool everyone (not at least the tech fraternity) by twisting the facts and figures. The fact is that you are nowhere near the likes of Nokia and Sony (and even Motorola and Samsung) when it comes to cameraphone tech and innovation. Anyone, even remotely connected to mobility world will tell you that for the last 13 years Nokia and Sony have been innovating in mobile imaging field, HTC was not even in the scene during most of this period. Even today you don’t have a single phone which comes near Nokia 808PureView, Samsung Galaxy Camera or Nokia Lumia 920. Yes we know that megapixels don’t matter much but the pics taken with the camera (and the wow feeling which users report) do matter. Your new innovative camera phone is most welcome HTC only if it stands up against the competition.
My personal advice to HTC – get out of your “delusion of grandeur” cocoon HTC and that too as soon as possible.


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