iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are “unofficially” available in India at a whopping cost

Apple’s latest phones iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have already hit their homeland, so you can easily get any of the various iPhone avatars (carrier-locked, unlocked, 16/64/128 GB memory) across US retail and online stores. But rest of the world is still waiting to get the premium gadget – according to the official availability data from Apple iPhone 6/6Plus will be launched in many countries of the world over the next few months. India is expected to get it in early November. However did you know that iPhone 6 (all variants) was available in many Indian metro cities just a few hours after it hit the US stores? Courtesy of Indian grey market, many peoples ready to splurge on their gadget of desire got it as early as on September 20, 2014

iPhone6 Plus vs iPhone5S

iPhone6 Plus sizing up against iPhone 5S

Yes there are some other authentic ways like you can ask your US based friend/relative to get you an iPhone if they are visiting India but not many are so fortunate. For other restless souls who just can’t wait for the official launch, the good news is that you can grab a brand new iPhone 6/6 Plus in “black” right now in Delhi, Mumbai and some other metro cities of India (word “Black” is used for the “grey market” in India). There is a catch though – you will have to spend more than twice the original cost of iPhone to get it. One of my friend bought a 64GB iPhone 6 Plus for a whopping Rs.175000 (about $3000) and he is happy! For your information expected launch price of iPhone 6 Plus 64GB is Rs.69000 ($1150) and of iPhone 6 Plus 128GB is Rs.78000 ($1300) in India.

Apple may not realize this in US but it’s a reality that their device availability schedule is helping the smuggling business to prosper in many developing countries. These iPhones available in “black” are either smuggled in via improper channels or brought in by frequent flyers of US. A local mobile retailer of Delhi told us that no other gadget has ever been in such great demand as the new iPhone 6, hundreds of peoples approached him to “pre-book” it just after the announcement. Many were (and are) ready to pay any price for the phone just to be the “first to own” it. He further added that this trend started off in India with the launch of iPhone 4. Last year iPhone 5S was similarly sold for Rs.110000 to 150000 ($2000) in New Delhi before the official launch all thanks to the grey market.

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