iPhone 6 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Clash of the Titans

So here we are, halfway through September, IFA is over and this is the time of the year when a batch of new flagship phones is ready to rock the mobility world. And this year is not exception either – we already have the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Apple iPhone 6/6 Plus announced. These two devices are center of attraction these days and will soon hit the market in the next couple of weeks. Now if you are planning to buy any of these but have not finalized one then this post might help you out. I said “might help” because Note 4 and iPhone are two very different devices (based on different OSes, app ecosystem etc) and many of us have our pre-set choices and preferences which can be very difficult to change. Everyone has his/her own demands, priorities and expectations from a phone based on experience, influence or work demands or a mix of these factors. Here are some of the factors which influence our choice of selecting a smartphone like

Ease of use

Level of comfort with a particular device – some people prefer a particular phone or brand just because they are “used to it”

Apps – apps are an integral part of any smartphone now and availability of apps is an important factor for many to choose a particular mobile OS

How much and what type of work you are going to do with your phone (like calling/texting only, internet surfing, social networking, photography, office work, multimedia etc)

With this preface in mind, here is a comparison table of specs and features of the two hot phablets of 2014 (iPhone 6+ and Galaxy Note 4) and rest is upto you to decide –

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4

iPhone 6 Plus vs Galaxy Note 4

Price-wise both Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus will cost almost the same in US, however in other countries like India the price difference is going to be huge – 16GB iPhone 6 Plus is expected to launch for Rs.65000 ($1100) in India while Note 4 will probably cost Rs.50000 ($850) initially

The verdict – It’s loud and clear that Samsung’s Note 4 beats iPhone 6 Plus hands down in every department except the looks (premium metallic design). Note 4 has way more advanced hardware, features and functions than iPhone 6 Plus, and considering the “freeness” of Android OS, I bet if you use Note 4 once you won’t go back to iPhone ever again.

However if you are an ardent fan of iOS then iPhone 6 Plus will not disappoint you anyhow – rest assured, it is by far the best iPhone Apple has ever created (big screen, most stylish and beautiful design). It all depends upon your priorities and preferences.

Our vote goes to Galaxy Note 4 – Here at DiGiPASSiON, our geeky-team does not like iOS much, simply because it’s a proprietary closed system with very little scope of modification and unlimited annoying “limitations”. We can do a lot more with our $220 Android device (Xiaomi Mi3) than a $900 iPhone.

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