One last iPhone 7 (Plus and Pro) leaked pic before the official iPhone launch event

Is this the iPhone 7 Trio to be launched on September 7?

As everyone knows Apple is going to unveil the new generation of iPhone devices tomorrow (September 7, 2016 to be exact). iPhone 7 has had a fair share of leaks and rumors over the past few months. We have seen multiple renders of new iPhone’s prototypes, most of which show more than two iPhone variants this year. Here is one last leaked picture showing three different variants of iPhone 7

iphone 7 plus pro leaked pic

1. iPhone 7 (regular model)
2. iPhone 7 Plus (the bigger one)
3. iPhone 7 Pro (big in size with some extra bells and whistles)

As you can see in the photo, iPhone 7 Pro variant is expected to have a dual-camera setup which is the current trend in high-end camera phones. Many Android phones (LG G5, Huawei P9, Honor 8, Qiku Q Terra, ZTE Axon Pro etc) already have this type of primary camera module with amazing results. Most mobile manufacturers are working on this technology to improve the camera performance in their high-end devices. Now let’s see if Apple also joins this club or we are looking at an experimental prototype only which will never be launched officially.

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