(How to) Update LeEco Le 1s/Le 1s Eco to Android Marshmallow (EUI v5.8.017S)

(Offline) Update LeEco Le1s and Le 1s Eco to Android Marshmallow (EUI v5.8.017S)

Official Android Marshmallow update is finally available now for Le 1s and Le 1s Eco phone models in India. Unfortunately the update is not released OTA (Over The Air), rather users have to download and install it manually. So if you have any of the LeEco Le 1s or Le 1s Eco phone, here is the simple step by step process to upgrade to the new EUI based on Android MM –

First up, make sure that your phone is running EUI v5.5.014S, if yes, skip this step. If not (i.e. the phone has an older version of EUI) then you will have to update to EUI v5.5.014S first before you upgrade to Android MM. To upgrade to EUI 5.5.014S download the update file from here and install (you can follow the method described in step 2 below to update).
Make sure that you backup your important phone data before upgrade as it may be lost during the process
Also make sure that phone’s battery is sufficiently charged (over 60% is recommended) for the process to complete
Do not disconnect the phone from computer during the upgrade process as it will render the phone unusable
As the update file is over 1 GB in size make sure that the phone has at least 2 GB free space before the update

Ready to update? Follow the steps –

  1. Download the update package (which is in the form of a zip file) in your computer from here
  2. Rename the zip file to “update” so that it’s final name reads “update.zip”. This step is necessary as the phone will fail to recognize the file as software package unless the zip file is named as “update.zip”
  3. Connect your phone with computer and transfer the update.zip file to phone memory (in the root directory). Remember, do not copy the file inside any of the folder in phone memory. Also do not unzip the file – no need to extract it’s contents. Note if you downloaded the update zip file in the phone itself (and not in computer) then place (move or copy) it to the root of phone memory and rename as described in step 2 above
  4. Now disconnect the phone from computer – go to phone menu and launch System Update
  5. In System update go to menu (tap 3 dots at the upper right corner) – Local update – select the update zip file – phone will start updating the software – wait for the process to complete and done. If everything goes well then your LeEco Le 1s phone will boot into Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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